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On a wing and a prayer

My dad had a birthday last week. We could only get the internet at 5pm for 15 minutes which meant it was 6am in the UK. “He’ll be up!” I promised Tim, who was sure calling someone at 6am on … Continue reading

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Raising a Rebel (Why I’m glad my child isn’t compliant)

Do you yearn for a nice crafty post about how I decorated a door knob with the lining of an old shoe? Remember those days? It’s all children, bugs, giving up shampoo, blah, blah these days, eh? (You can pop … Continue reading

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Why go Shampoo Free? Save money, ditch the toxins and release your hair’s natural beauty

I whirl from one project to another, like a marble that keeps spinning off the shiny edges of the furniture! The current project is a book! Eeek! I finally finished the first draft this weekend; 10,000 words on how to … Continue reading

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This is a “I’ve had an insect up my nose” kind of a day

I sort of feel like our current life can be just summed up in lists of insects. If you think every blog update about our life features more insects than strictly necessary you should try having a daily conversation with … Continue reading

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Cheerleading Breastfeeders in the Court

I walked passed a mum breastfeeding her newborn in the Food Court at the Mall a few weeks ago. (I try and avoid the Mall like the noro-virus- mostly because there is a tiny carousel of horses right in the … Continue reading

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Just how DO you buy ethically without spending loads of dosh?

Every so often on this blog I get to work with companies that I am one hundred million per cent behind*. (Yes, yes one hundred million doesn’t exist, bla de bla *yawn*) I am well excited to be introducing you … Continue reading

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Do you wanna dye the chickens?

For several months now our household has been run to the soundtrack of Frozen. Rarely is a question ever simply posed, always it is sung Anna- styles to the tune of Do you Wanna Build A Snowman. (Please tell me … Continue reading

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