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BEFORE! AFTER! Natural Beauty Experiments and the Beauty Myth

I’m not going to lie to you. It IS a bit weird doing beauty experiments for Cosmo. Everytime I come to write them up I have to check within myself- is this true to what I think and feel about … Continue reading

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In a gentle way, we can shake the whole world

Here I was, sitting at the playground while Juno and Ramona hang off the rusty roundabout, all ready to write about how a one legged Barbie has infiltrated our lives when my husband reads out a BBC headline: Violence kills … Continue reading

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A is for Activist (Raising Radicals)

“Hip hop hooray! Tom and Arthur are getting ready for their wedding!” A classic theme for our doll play; getting married. Everyone is getting married these days for Ramona. It is all about the marriage. (Even the biscuits tie the … Continue reading

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Yurt Life: Step into our bedroom *waggles eyebrows*

Really, it isn’t like that. Despite now looking like a harem our bedroom is pretty much asexual at the moment. It is our family bed, all four of us sleep there. So when it is time to put on our … Continue reading

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DIY Paint Dipped Utensils (reclaiming Wooden Spoons)

I have experimented with painting the handles of cutlery in the past, it was fun, if a little time consuming. When I saw paint-dipped wooden spoons in a fancy shop last week selling for £10 EACH I felt it was time … Continue reading

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Healthy Hair and Baking Soda (How, Why and When to use it- and when to step away)

One of the biggest questions I get asked these days about giving up shampoo is about whether Baking Soda (or Bicarbonate of Soda) will destroy your hair. This is a big deal as it shows me that the world has … Continue reading

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Words every new parent needs to hear

I was once asked by a friend, Catherine, what words I think every new parent needs to hear. I thought I had it down with: Be prepared, for a good few years, to never tear a piece of toilet paper … Continue reading

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Oi, Beetroot Face! Homemade, Natural Blusher

In my latest experiment for Cosmo I’ve tackled something I’ve wanted to do for a while- Beetroot Rouge! Yep, a quick, easy, natural homemade blusher using my absolute FAVE root vegetable. Pin It It was SO MUCH fun and effective. … Continue reading

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Let’s mobilise in hope and anger

Don’t mention the NZ election to me. Unless you want swears and tears. I’m so mad. The main losers of this right wing party settling in for their third term, with a MAJORITY (62 seats!!!) are New Zealand’s poor people… … Continue reading

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Birthdays and baths and breastfeeding mermaids

I read this lovely post yesterday by Ruth. Just a simple, whimsical look at their bath time tradition. Reading it was like soaking in a hot bubble bath – just the soothing thing I needed. Most of my social media … Continue reading

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