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Wilting rainbows and 20 other reasons to play in the wild

My friend used to be a teacher in South London and he came back from a school trip to a farm that made us all fall about with laughter and gnash our teeth with worry in equal measure. They were all sitting … Continue reading

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Through the wardrobe…

One of the hardest things we found buying/ foraging for in our recycled home in London was wardrobes. Blimey, what a mission. We literally had to wait a year before we found something that would tuck right into those nooks … Continue reading

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Give a child a knife and you’ll empower them for a lifetime

I’m taking a little break from being the internet’s favourite filthy hippy to write a little something about one of my other favourite topics: children and knives! Well, more widely, about how capable kids are and how it is up … Continue reading

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That time my smelly scalp went viral

So, flipping heck. One minute I am sitting in my kitchen making up new lyrics to I Like Big Butts about my little one year old (“I love you Juno and I can’t deny! No other mother…” Etc) whilst observing … Continue reading

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Happy Hair: The definitive guide to giving up shampoo (The Ultimate NoPoo book)

ARGH! Here it is! My first book! A comprehensive guide to giving up shampoo and how No Poo will help you ditch the toxins, save money, and release your hair’s natural beauty… Pin It I have had this book on … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Travel Money Success

Tim and I are the worst at getting organised with travel money – despite being big adventurers. We nearly always just turn up in the country going “hhhmmm, let’s find a bank machine and get out some kroner.” So there … Continue reading

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One year without a house

One year ago we left our comfortable London existence to begin a bit of a vagrant trek around, what turned out to be, the world. It began as a European adventure, but then took on global dimensions as we headed … Continue reading

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