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The birth of Juno Atawhai – Part Two

This is the second instalment in the story of Juno’s birth – read the first here! It was 8am in the morning, I had been experiencing contractions for almost twelve hours. My wonderful friend and midwife, Nikki, had arrived and … Continue reading

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The Birth of Juno Atawhai

This time last year it was my blessingway. What a beautiful day it was. I was convinced, because I felt so ready, supported and loved up on the good vibes of friends, that the baby would arrive that night, blessed … Continue reading

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Yurt Sweet Yurt

Waking up with something crawling on my face has pretty much been a lifelong fear of mine. A fear that was finally realised last Wednesday when a tickling sensation on my cheek pulled me from my dream (my dream was … Continue reading

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Of course that glue stick isn’t just for girls! Oh, wait. Sorry, it seems it is….

There is a creative fella out there who has designed some wonderful posters using sentences that he has found himself saying to his children. I love them. My favourite is “Stop riding that penguin, we’re leaving!” At least once a … Continue reading

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Growing Global Citizens through Child Sponsorship

I spend a lot of my time daydreaming about the relationship between childhood/ family life and social justice/ a better world. I doodle slogans while we drive “A just society begins at home!” and picture bumper-stickers that would infuriate the … Continue reading

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The School of Life (An unschooling adventure begins)

We are spending almost everyday just hanging around the farm we live on at the moment. We slog up the paddock to feed the chickens and Ramona climbs into their coop to collect the eggs. We pick up the other … Continue reading

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How To Craft Perfect Decorations Using Flower And Modelling Paste

Do you know I have a well inflated sense of self-efficacy? I can walk into any gift shop and pretty much look at everything and say “Pfffft. Wouldn’t pay for that. I’ll just make it. A bit of string and … Continue reading

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