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5 things you need to enjoy the outdoors

1 A jar of peanut butter *sings* Just a spoonful of peanut butter makes the hiking go down! This is my must-take to ay sort of activity outside. We always have a stash of PB in our bag be it … Continue reading

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I’m not telling you how to vote, but…

It is voting season here in NZ. All the campaigns kicked off a couple of weeks ago and within days the rash of National (the right wing party currently running/ wrecking the country) billboards had been edited. One close to … Continue reading

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I’ve got a new writing gig and it’s pretty unlikely…

If I were to imagine the last place I’d ever be found writing a column it would be a toss up between the UKIP weekly newsletter and Cosmo. Well. Never say never. Introducing my first column, DIY All Natural Mascara … Continue reading

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Kids at school? Protect their rights and nurture their curiosity

It is Back To School week. The week that, for a third of my life, filled me with the uneasy combination of dread and excitement. Dread because I hated almost every single element of school, excitement because I usually had … Continue reading

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Why Canvas Prints Are Absolutely Amazing

In the name of stylish, thrifty living I present this post on Canvas Prints-see more on my disclosure about that. . What do you reckon? You have a cracker on your walls? I have one of Ramona and I swimming … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about sex, baby

I was sitting in the bath this week discussing gender reassignment surgery with my¬†almost four year old daughter, Ramona. Crikey. What brought us to this point? Is it this scourge of liberal parenting sweeping the nations that will eventually turn … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Craft A Business That Treats Its Customers Fairly

I am a big fan of small, indecent buisness, here’s a guest post on just that very thing-see more on my disclosure about that. . The more time that people spend online, the more that people are looking for unique, … Continue reading

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