Books I have written

If you have enjoyed my blog you will almost certainly enjoy the two e-books I have written! Both have gone on to be Amazon bestsellers, although if you buy from my store you get a bit more of a discount.

The first, Happy Hair, is about giving up shampoo – my experimental story and guiding you through the process. I have sold thousands, it has been translated into Spanish and Portugese and I get emails every week saying it has transformed their hair/lives. YOU COULD BE NEXT! Hehe!

Reviewers say:
“This book is holding my hand through the tough transition to going shampoo free.”

“She is funny, direct, speaks in an easy language we can all relate too and she is clear. This ebook is an easy, informative read that will also make you giggle.”

“Googling the subject is great, but this book filters out a lot of the info that can be confusing and explains things very clearly and simply. I particularly enjoyed the science bit and ideas for waxy hair!”

Either buy through Amazon or simply click the Add to Cart button, pay in your own currency and then download the PDF! You will also receive it in an email so you can download it later.Amazon Price- $5.56 My Price- $3.56 (2)
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Happy Hair Give up shampoo ebook

30 Days of Rewilding

The second book is called 30 Days of Rewilding and the Daily Telegraph called it “a manifesto for life lived in nature!”. It takes the form of thirty short chapters, easily digested on the fly, to help you find a sense of home in the natural world. I am so sure that these stories of people who have been transformed and restored by connecting with the wild will inspire you to dive into a love affair with nature, and take your family with you.

Amazon Reviewers say:
“Oh my, it’s so amazing! I love it so, so much. A heart palpitating amount. I just read this in one sitting because I couldn’t stop, I was too busy fist pumping and nodding vigorously.”

“With busy parents in mind. This cleverly constructed book is made of 30 perfectly structured chapters that will help you and your family rekindle your relationship with nature. Nature being the most incredible remedy for most ailments has no price on it and so this fantastic piece which I could not put down will have you plunging into its wild depths. Do it for you and do it for your family! There are many wonderful ideas for you to try out.”

Buy it through Amazon or my own E-store (it downloads as a PDF so can be read through any ereader) or even printed off.

Read more information about 30 Days of Rewilding here.