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Yurt Sweet Yurt

Waking up with something crawling on my face has pretty much been a lifelong fear of mine. A fear that was finally realised last Wednesday when a tickling sensation on my cheek pulled me from my dream (my dream was … Continue reading

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We live in a Mongolian tent now

So in a comic turn of events we now live in a yurt. Yep, one of those massive round tents that Mongolians thrash out their harsh lives in (and middle-class Londoners go glamping in. Hehe.) * It is so beautiful. … Continue reading

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The pockets of others

I was remembering recently some of those days when Ramona was a baby and my husband would go off to work, how I would look despairingly at the long day ahead, how it seemed to yawn on and on. 6:30pm, … Continue reading

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New Year, New Home, New Zealand

Today has been our last full day in England for a while. Tomorrow we fly to New Zealand to begin something wholly new. We don’t know what, but we have a few (billion) ideas. The last week has been a … Continue reading

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The desert hippy who laid a golden poo

“I’m doing a seminar in menstrual activism this afternoon, if you want to come?” Hold on. Menstrual? Activism? “Um. Oh. I, er…” I am not very often taken aback. Especially when it comes to bodily functions and protest. These are, … Continue reading

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Campervanning around Spain with two kids, a surfboard and a caterpillar

A Spanish seƱora, as bronze as she is old, as rotund as she is wrinkly, wearing nothing but the very clothes she was born in raises her ams in the air and claps, everything jiggling. This was not the start … Continue reading

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Secondhand Spain: Who needs fish when you’ve got fleas?

Has it been a bit seriouspants around here lately or what? What with taking on a child beating tome, battling the toddler tamers and accepting the heavy mantle of world change from Gandhi; we need a rest. Let’s have a … Continue reading

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