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The birth of Juno Atawhai – Part Two

This is the second instalment in the story of Juno’s birth – read the first here! It was 8am in the morning, I had been experiencing contractions for almost twelve hours. My wonderful friend and midwife, Nikki, had arrived and … Continue reading

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The Birth of Juno Atawhai

This time last year it was my blessingway. What a beautiful day it was. I was convinced, because I felt so ready, supported and loved up on the good vibes of friends, that the baby would arrive that night, blessed … Continue reading

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Yurt Sweet Yurt

Waking up with something crawling on my face has pretty much been a lifelong fear of mine. A fear that was finally realised last Wednesday when a tickling sensation on my cheek pulled me from my dream (my dream was … Continue reading

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Natural Parenting in Art

I am always delighted when I stumble across natural parenting in historical photos or art. It seems to affirm a strong belief of mine- that society’s discomfort at public breastfeeding and other intuitive forms of parenting is a modern phenomenon. … Continue reading

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Kapow! Babywearing with the Snugiwrap Mei Tai

Steph from Snugiwraps sent me the coolest Mei Tai a little while ago. It has cartoon Whams, Bams, and Kapows all over it. I get comments on it every time I pop Juno in. It has been interesting getting used … Continue reading

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Attachment Parenting A Toddler: Beyond Breastfeeding and Babywearing

Last night Tim was out late so I had two little people on my hands at bed time- this is pretty rare for us. I hunkered down with them both, one on each side, breastfeeding to sleep, their guzzling and … Continue reading

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Get your boobs out (and help normalise breastfeeding)

I know it’s time for a post on a topic when I start bending folk’s ears about it. Pacing up and down my friend’s kitchen yesterday, gesturing like I’m conducting an orchestra, words spilling out of my mouth all over … Continue reading

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