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Until they are done (Breastfeeding a four year old & an 18 month old)

Ah, breastfeeding. Just me and my little one… and my big one… and a small pink babushka doll… half a chewed orange… an awkward pair of fairy wings… and a small bunch of wild flowers. I never expected such a … Continue reading

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Urge (allowing our children’s yearnings to bloom)

“I’d love it if you didn’t climb up the side of yurt, Ramona. I’m worried that it isn’t strong enough and that the wood might break.” She looks me in the eye, defiance pulsing out of her, she reaches out … Continue reading

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In a gentle way, we can shake the whole world

Here I was, sitting at the playground while Juno and Ramona hang off the rusty roundabout, all ready to write about how a one legged Barbie has infiltrated our lives when my husband reads out a BBC headline: Violence kills … Continue reading

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Words every new parent needs to hear

I was once asked by a friend, Catherine, what words I think every new parent needs to hear. I thought I had it down with: Be prepared, for a good few years, to never tear a piece of toilet paper … Continue reading

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Birthdays and baths and breastfeeding mermaids

I read this lovely post yesterday by Ruth. Just a simple, whimsical look at their bath time tradition. Reading it was like soaking in a hot bubble bath – just the soothing thing I needed. Most of my social media … Continue reading

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Kids at school? Protect their rights and nurture their curiosity

It is Back To School week. The week that, for a third of my life, filled me with the uneasy combination of dread and excitement. Dread because I hated almost every single element of school, excitement because I usually had … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about sex, baby

I was sitting in the bath this week discussing gender reassignment surgery with my almost four year old daughter, Ramona. Crikey. What brought us to this point? Is it this scourge of liberal parenting sweeping the nations that will eventually turn … Continue reading

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Wilting rainbows and 20 other reasons to play in the wild

My friend used to be a teacher in South London and he came back from a school trip to a farm that made us all fall about with laughter and gnash our teeth with worry in equal measure. They were all sitting … Continue reading

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Give a child a knife and you’ll empower them for a lifetime

I’m taking a little break from being the internet’s favourite filthy hippy to write a little something about one of my other favourite topics: children and knives! Well, more widely, about how capable kids are and how it is up … Continue reading

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Raising a Rebel (Why I’m glad my child isn’t compliant)

Do you yearn for a nice crafty post about how I decorated a door knob with the lining of an old shoe? Remember those days? It’s all children, bugs, giving up shampoo, blah, blah these days, eh? (You can pop … Continue reading

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