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Natural Parenting in Art

I am always delighted when I stumble across natural parenting in historical photos or art. It seems to affirm a strong belief of mine- that society’s discomfort at public breastfeeding and other intuitive forms of parenting is a modern phenomenon. … Continue reading

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Get your boobs out (and help normalise breastfeeding)

I know it’s time for a post on a topic when I start bending folk’s ears about it. Pacing up and down my friend’s kitchen yesterday, gesturing like I’m conducting an orchestra, words spilling out of my mouth all over … Continue reading

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Simple clothes for easy breastfeeding and babywearing

I use the word fashion kind of loosely here. More “items that you like that cover your nudey rudies.” You know me, I do like style but I also like being WELL COMFY and SPENDING NOTHING. Which I suspect makes … Continue reading

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Nursing in public and the Breastfeeding Pyramid Scheme

I can’t help but be a little riveted by little Prince George and his mama, Kate Middleton (oh, it isn’t Middleton anymore is it? She obviously didn’t read my post about women changing their surnames. HUH. I think she is … Continue reading

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Our experience of Tandem Breastfeeding

Within a few hours of Juno being born I had both girls tucked in my arms and I was full of emotion, watching the pair of them breastfeeding to sleep. My two and a half year old stroked the hair … Continue reading

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Boobs VS Big Business

I have talking boobs. And it is my own fault. It came about┬ásubtly, in an effort to playfully end a leisurely breastfeed my toddler was having. Tim had bought in our porridge, steaming and slathered in Golden Syrup and I … Continue reading

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Dear new mummy

The baby is here! In your ams! Mewing, and pooing, and screeching, and sleeping! You can’t stop staring at the little mite in disbelief. YOU MADE THIS! You MADE this. You want to cry at the mystery of it all… … Continue reading

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