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DIY glitter figure decorations

Quick! It’s Christmas! COVER EVERYTHING IN GLITTER. I am always picking up small plastic figures from charity shops and car boots sales- sometimes whole plastic bags of them for 50p. I rummage through it saying to Ramona “One for you, … Continue reading

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8 Things That People Should Never Get Secondhand (that I have)

“Oh, I might get this! I think I need it, really?” It was almost an exact repeat of my exclamation to Tim about three bright orange melamine plates I’d spotted a second earlier. (Yes, we are flying to New Zealand … Continue reading

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Can you have an ethical and money saving Christmas?

It feels strange writing about Christmas. We’re currently all on a beach in our pyjamas watching the surf roll in. It’s a wild and deserted stretch of coastline – we’ve been camped for 24 hours and have only spotted one … Continue reading

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Garlic down yer gob- and other natural cold remedies

We are currently on our long awaited 24 hour boat trip to Santander- we were hoping for the Sunday ferry but the “greatest storm since 1987″ meant it was cancelled. It is still pretty rocky out here but our homemade … Continue reading

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Flea Markets in Secondhand Split

Ah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking- I needed to find the Flea Market in Split, Croatia, like I needed a punch in the face. We’ve sold a house full of stuff, pared down to just a few belongings for … Continue reading

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301 Thrifty Activities for kids – squeeze every drop out of summer

Oh, Hello!!! Yep, here we are. Still in England. Waiting and waiting and waiting for a passport that is stuck at the Passport Office like a humongous fatball clogging up a London sewer. It has been there for 2 months … Continue reading

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Goodbye little home!

We are outies! Vamos! We made like Tom and crui- YEAH, you get it, I know. We have officially left our little Camberwell home. Firstly, a little bit more south to stay with my folks while we get the Campervan … Continue reading

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