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  1. hey, I wanted to ask if the material you bought to make your wrap was a speacial sort???? I want to make one (they’re so expensive to buy) but not sure what type of material to use. Has yours worked well for you?

    • lulastic says:

      I just used a tee shirt material, a bit thicker, but stretchy. This was perfect for a young un, but when she got a bit heavier (3 months) I upgraded to a woven wrap, it takes the weight much better. I got it second hand from Ebay, it was quite dear but I still wear her in it every day!

  2. lally young says:

    Hiya Lucy, we have an age uk shop in our village and the kids clothes are 25p or 5 for a pound!!!! Loads of baby clothes!! We have one of the best charity shops in the area!!!

  3. Aj Woodward says:

    Interested in posts how do I join

  4. Umm Yahya says:

    Hiya :)

    Just a quick one. I’m looking for organic henna dye and remembered you used it! Which one do you use and where can I get it?

    You can use it while pregnant and breast feeding right?

    Love this blog which is why I come to you in my hour of need ;)



  5. Bea says:

    Hello Lucy
    I feel a bit daft but I wanted to write to wish you Bon voyage! I feel I should reassure you that I’m not normally so forward with people I’ve never met! Still, I feel I should explain… I came across your blog whilst reading an article about your awesome recycled home in Pretty Nostalgic this time last year & have been following it ever since. To cut a long story short, I keep pinching myself because I giggle aloud when I read so much of it, I feel like I’m reading a bit about myself. Anyway, my little daughter who’s just turned one is also a scrummy bundle named Ramona & one of her godmothers lives just around the corner from your newly departed home. How the world is small! Anyway, please don’t fear, I won’t be popping up on your travels, I just wanted to say hello because I feel a little bit like I know you as a friend!
    Happy & safe travels, Bea & lil Ramona too x

    • Lucy says:

      What a wonderful comment! Thank you so much for getting in touch :) I have bloggers like this too. It is nice to know someone gets my sense of humour and it isn’t just everyone reading going “er, WHAT?!”
      Thanks Bea and little Ramona! (You know Ramona Quimby – our Ramona’s namesake- had a big sister called Beatric, Beezus?)

  6. Inge says:

    I’ve been following your no-poo journey, and have follow up questions!

    First off, I’m a curly girl, and have been absolutely scouring the web and the curly community ( is amazing) for help. I’m well armed in my knowledge of curl types, hair porosity, humectants, silicons, proteins, etc.

    I read your blog about going no-poo, a method I have heard about for years, and have wanted to try for as long.

    However, because of your (mainly just the one) criticism about no-poo causing more tangles, and about all the advice I’ve heard about cowashing from the curly community, I’ve decided that my foray into no-poo will be of the cowash type.

    So, my long-winded question is: why is cowashing limited to curlies? Have you ever tried it? Would you ever? My hair is wavy, so I’m one of those curly/straight hybrids that seem to take characteristics from both. When I quit shampoo, (still in the transition phase actually) my hair went all oily, just like straight hair is wont to do.

    Anyway, I can ask in a curly community, but I don’t think there is much of a straight hair audience there. So I was just curious!

    As I write this I’m on day 5 of my transition (still early) but I’m stunned at the improvement already. Yes I’m still oily, but there are so many other things that are much, much better already, and the oiliness actually isn’t so bad that if it never improved (which it will), it wouldn’t be unmanageable. The trick is to really massage my scalp under a hot shower to loosen and rinse my natural oils down the hair shaft.

    Curious to hear if you’ve ever tried cowashing, and your thoughts! thanks!

  7. Caitrin says:

    Hey Lucy

    Loving this series on How to be a ________ parent. I am wondering if you will do one on how to be a vegetarian parent? This is something Richie and I discuss for when we have kids (being one vego parent and one not). Thoughts?


  8. Hi Lucy:
    I wanted to write for a few reasons which all amount to the same reason: I am so grateful to find other moms (sorry, I am an American; I prefer “mum” but it would be pretentious for me to use the word!) with whom I can share stories and photos and life-experiences. I have posted comments to your Facebook page a few times because I love the articles and stories.

    I used to be a nanny (for ten years, as a “side” job while trying to get work as an actor in New York) and then I became a mother and I find the contrasts and similarities between my old life and new to be of interest. My two year old still sleeps in our bed (although she is taking he first ever nap in a just acquired toddler bed and my heart just broke, she usually sleeps in our bed with pillows all around her at naptime but she wanted to be nursed to sleep in her own bed. A river of tears out here. Probably why I felt the need to write to you all today.) and I have to “explain” myself all over Manhattan so your site and others are a needed refuge. I have a hard time finding other moms in Manhattan who can relate to my experiences so to the Internet I go, looking for common ground! Anyway, I was recently inspired to start writing about the experience of raising a tiny one in the big city (inspired by yours and a few other blogs I really enjoy) and I am timidly posting the url here:
    I wrote a post recently about “stuff” and then I saw that you wrote a lovely piece about how to handle Christmas and “stuff.” Anyway, that post is here:
    There is a lot of horror on the internet but there is a lot of good stuff as well. Like other moms who may be far away geographically but close in their values. So thank goodness for the Internet.
    Sending holiday greetings from New York!
    Leslie (by way of formal introduction, as I am an actor as well, not that anyone knows who I am!)

  9. No, I didn’t get it. I must not have enabled comments? I really should have figured out the nuts and bolts before publishing a blog…Hmm. Will work on that.
    Leslie Kendall Dye recently posted…November’s PaletteMy Profile

  10. Pat Morley says:

    Thanks for your information about Mod Podge. I have spent an hour trying to find out what I suspected all along. Now I can go ahead with the craft project I planned.
    On November 1st I opened a tiny shop here in Bridgwater Somerset UK selling artwork from local artists, antique, vintage and retro collectables and locally made souvenirs. Trade is awfully slow but I am having such fun and get lots of support and offers of stuff to sell on commission. As a child I used to play at shops quite a lot and now, at 72, I am still playing at shops. Live the dream hey?
    I am so in agreement on Hellman’s mayonnaise; I discovered it here many years ago after reading The I hate to cook books by Peg Bracken. Still refer to her books regularly.
    I have just begun blogging so only find my blog by accident. Things can only get better.
    Best Wishes for 2014

  11. Sarah says:

    Hi Lucy,

    I just wanted to comment to say hello. I am a young newly-wed from the US that loves thriftiness, diy stuff, and day dreaming about a family. I absolutely LOVE reading all your posts and find them very inspirational and entertaining! After reading all of your stuff, I feel like I know you now and I’m always looking forward to a new post from you! I particularly enjoy reading about your posts on parenting, feminism, and thrifty stuff! :) So, with all that said, thank you for what you write about, and know that is it appreciated and greatly enjoyed!

  12. Hi, Lucy!
    I met you and your lovely family at the unschooler’s retreat and Jorge, my husband, got your website address. I’ve loved this! Do you know a lot of things that I’m still studying. So I registered my e-mail to receive news from you. Thank you very much for share your knowledge.
    See you!
    Penelope Brito recently posted…Pé pra dentroMy Profile

  13. Emmy says:

    Thank you for this blog – I’m pleased to find another Brit who is no poo!
    I went no poo while living in Africa (shampooing becomes very unappealing when you have to bucket bath in cold water!)
    I’ve recently moved to London and have been so surprised by the amount of packaging advertising beauty products as “chemical free” or “organic”. At first glance “whole foods” looks like my dream, but it turned out to be full of expensive fads!
    I love the common sense attitude you write with – I would love to read a blog post on how to tell the difference between clever marketing to pretentious yummy mummies and stuff that is actually good for me. Pretty please?!

  14. Simone says:

    Hello Lucy,
    I am really interested about your book, Happy Hair, and about giving up Shampoo. My hair gets extremely oily though, if I don’t wash my hair everyday. Does giving up Shampoo also stop the oiliness?
    Simone :)

    • Lucy says:

      Hi there! I had really greasy hair too and now it takes days and days to get greasy. The whole premise is that your hair stops over producing oil eventually :)

      • Simone says:

        Thanks so much! I really want to give it a go, but I’ve been told that when I give it up I’ll have really oily hair at the start. Is this true? Even if it is, I’m still going to give it a go! :)

  15. Rebecca says:

    Hey! I have washed my hair with Aleppo soap since a few month now and got from everyday-wash to every other day-wash. Recently I started your guide to giving up shampoo and I have now a question. Can I use my soap instead of soda? Or is it still to harsh? I want to eliminate plastic in our home, so I don’t want a squirty bottle…
    We have really hard water here in Munich and I have problems with the water only wash and I still need practice with the egg wash…
    Thanks – and sorry for my bad english…

  16. Abigail says:

    Wondering how living in NZ is affecting your skincare routine, especially with having to wear sunscreen all the time. Does it just wash off with water? Wanting to transition from eco-friendly facewash and moisturiser to coconut oil or something similar…

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