5 things you need to enjoy the outdoors

1 A jar of peanut butter
*sings* Just a spoonful of peanut butter makes the hiking go down! This is my must-take to ay sort of activity outside. We always have a stash of PB in our bag be it a hike or a festival! We eat in by the spoonful and spread it on wraps. It provides instant energy and shorts any potential low blood sugar outbursts!

2 A pair of hiking boots
I have never been one for owning a pair of these but a pal turned up with a perfectly worn pair from the local Oppy and now I want to wear them even when I am in town. They are water proof and sturdy and if you want to take a proper hike you might want to look at investing in a good pair of walking boots (there is a good range available online at Tesco).
3 A sling
Oh, little legs. Sometimes they cope, sometimes they just don’t. We tend to all march up the hill but then put the kids in the back packs for the descent. We have a baby sling and one designed especially for big kids and I just don’t know how families enjoy walking trips wihout one.
4 A raincoat
There is no such thing as bad weather…yadeyadeyada. But, tis true, In fact. I LOVE sloshing about in proper rain as long as I am tucked up in my waterproof- then I feel like a smug, snug bird of a feather. “Nice weather for ducks!” I feel much beter about the kids spending yonks outdoors when they are fully esconsed in their waterpoof onesies! (Wish I had one!)
5 A carrying device
Because YOU KNOW you are going to come back with 7 different sticks, 3 lumps of mud (one possibly a dog turd) and 59 different leaves. I first had “A basket” down as the title for Number 5 as if we whimsically swan about carrying a wicker basket filled with nature. Actually it is nearly always a torn plastic carier bag from the local supermarket that I had stuffed in the foot well of the car. Not quite so folksy, but at least you are not clutching those twigs and turds under your arm.
Tesco provided me with some insights to make this post possible, but all opinions are my own…- please see my disclosure about that!
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