I have been running workshops and speaking at events for fourteen years and might be JUST the speaker you are looking for. My aim is to address serious topics using a highly engaging, story-based method. Take a look below for some of things I love to deliver at conferences, festivals and parenting support groups. If you want to talk about dates and fees send me an email on lulasticblog@gmail.com. And scroll down for upcoming engagements!
Lucy Aitkenread, speaker, workshops, parenting, New Zealand

Talks – typically 25 – 40 minutes, these keynote addresses are perfect for conferences and large groups

Why the world needs adults who are allies to children
Children are one of the last groups of people who are routinely marginalised. In this address Lucy outlines how parents and caregivers can realise the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child in their lives and what happens, both to their immediate experience and the future of the world, when they do so.

When the mountain speaks
Restoring the ancient connection between humankind and earth is one of the most important things we can do for our well being. In this session Lucy addresses how families can raise children that love nature and how she ended up getting arrested on a drilling rig, wondering if she should tell the police “the mountain made me do it!”

How to set your face free
How can we raise daughters that love their bodies in the face of toxic messages from the beauty industry? Will my body lotion stop me getting pregnant? Can women be interested in beauty and still love themselves? Should we shave our body hair?  Lucy discusses these questions and many more in this session; the end of it you may just be ready to shake off some of the shackles of a beauty industry based on toxic ingredients and toxic self-hate.

Workshops – these sessions tend to be around 1.5 hours long and are interactive and practical, often delivered to smaller groups (12 – 30 people)
The first two workshops (Parent Allies and Motherhood and Wilderness) are designed to be either delivered in one session or at a far more in depth and practical level over a whole day.

The principles and practice of allied parenting
The future of a fair and equal society lies in adults using their power to come alongside children in a supportive role. Learn more about the principles of this kind of parenting and how to apply them to your life in a really practical way. You’ll leave this interactive workshop with the tools to help you be the kind of empathetic parent or caregiver you want to be.

Motherhood, creativity and wilderness
In this workshop Lucy explores how restoring our connection to the wilderness can provide a deep well of healing for mothers. Using a sharing circle, bushcraft and creative practice, mothers will set their feet on a path of self-care and creativity.

Rewilding childhood
It’s said that more children can identify a dalek than a blackbird. What does this kind of disconnection mean for our children? How can we help restore our children’s natural affinity for the natural world? Come away from this workshop buzzing with hope and practical ideas for rewilding childhood.

Potions of the earth
Lucy outlines why we need a beauty regime that is less toxic for our minds, bodies and the earth and we make some beauty products together – featuring locally foraged ingredients.


Lucy Aitkenread graduated from the London School of Economics in 2008 with an Msc in Social Policy. She went on to work for a global NGO as a climate change campaigner, helping community activists to organise effectively.

After her second child was born, Lucy’s love of social and environmental justice took a turn towards the impact our lifestyles have on the earth’s resources, and the different ways that raising children can promote or impede a fairer world.

Three years ago Lucy and her family moved from their brick house in South London to an off grid yurt in a forest in New Zealand, where they try and live in deep connection with nature. Lucy has written two bestselling books on living without shampoo and body products and wants to enable women to shrug off the toxicity, both in ingredients and self-hating messages, of the beauty industry. Her third book is about raising a family that loves the earth and was called “A manifesto for life lived in nature” by the Telegraph. Lucy is completing her formal training in Integrated Wellness.

Through her work online and in-person speaking engagements Lucy hopes to inspire people to live in peaceful relationship with the children in their life and the earth they tread upon.

Website: http://lulastic.co.uk/

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September 16th – How to Free Your Face at the Little Yoga Festival, Tauranga

October 7th – How to Free Your Face at Her Freedom Song, Christchurch

October 28th –  WILD AND WELL, Karangahake (Please see more info here)Lucy aitkenread, Lulastic, speaker, female, earth, nature, child rights, respectful, parenting, new zealand, nz