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Sixty Great Gift Alternatives to Toys

We’ve been living a pretty toy-less existence for the last six months, travelling around in a Campervan. It’s been amazing to see just how happy the children are without their normal stash of playthings. A few toys can be fantastic, … Continue reading

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301 Thrifty Activities for kids – squeeze every drop out of summer

Oh, Hello!!! Yep, here we are. Still in England. Waiting and waiting and waiting for a passport that is stuck at the Passport Office like a humongous fatball clogging up a London sewer. It has been there for 2 months … Continue reading

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Quick and Simple Father’s Day Present Ideas

When it comes to giving gifts I am not so much “last minute” as “two months (er, yeah, okay, sometimes years) late”. So I like ideas for presents to be simple, fast and generally made from things round the house, … Continue reading

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Sixty Thrifty Ideas for a Shoestring Spring

It is astonishingly hard to believe that Easter is upon us, when it feels so very like the depths of winter. Yesterday was so cold that we got the birth pool down from the loft (hugely prematurely!) filled it with … Continue reading

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Three Free last-minute Valentines gifts

I saw a tweet this week from a magazine, something like “Our list of Valentines gifts for under £50″… I almost spat out my tea and the just-dunked biscuit I was inevitably munching (this womb-baby is a total biscuit fiend.) … Continue reading

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25 handmade gifts for grown ups

I love crafting, if I am away from my workstation for a few days I start to get a bit twitchy and end up doing things like trying to make origami out of leaves on a hiking holiday, or rummaging … Continue reading

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Five thrifty kids crafts with a cardboard box

Morning! Hope you have recovered from the festive feasts and sofa-lolling, and didn’t drown whilst out on the compulsory Boxing Day constitutional.  I am in Gloucestercoustershire (one of those tough English spellings actually pronounced “Glaasterr”) with my wonderful sister and her … Continue reading

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Ethical Christmas Toys for Children

GAH! WHAT IS WRONG WITH TOYS THESE DAYS! If they are not ridiculously gender specific (pink toy laptop with half the functions of the boys one, anyone?) then they are dictating how to play with their flashing lights and music, … Continue reading

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Six steps to a thrifty Christmas

For the first time since we were students Tim and I are REALLY having to reign it in, money wise. We don’t have a lodger for the first time since having this GIANT mortgage, both of us only work part … Continue reading

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18 ways to upcycle old jars

If you are like us and eat a lot of lemon curd and peanut butter you have a spare jar, or several hundred, in your home. I keep all mine in the little alley way alongside our kitchen, accessible only … Continue reading

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