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The Birth of Juno Atawhai

This time last year it was my blessingway. What a beautiful day it was. I was convinced, because I felt so ready, supported and loved up on the good vibes of friends, that the baby would arrive that night, blessed … Continue reading

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The pockets of others

I was remembering recently some of those days when Ramona was a baby and my husband would go off to work, how I would look despairingly at the long day ahead, how it seemed to yawn on and on. 6:30pm, … Continue reading

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New Year, New Home, New Zealand

Today has been our last full day in England for a while. Tomorrow we fly to New Zealand to begin something wholly new. We don’t know what, but we have a few (billion) ideas. The last week has been a … Continue reading

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Goodbye little home!

We are outies! Vamos! We made like Tom and crui- YEAH, you get it, I know. We have officially left our little Camberwell home. Firstly, a little bit more south to stay with my folks while we get the Campervan … Continue reading

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Vintage Giveaway- Have a bit of our home

Yesterday we flung the doors of our home open, sold a mountain of stuff and discovered that I have been in the WRONG job this whole time. I’m not a campaigner! I’m a wheeler dealer, a genuine, bonafide, sell a … Continue reading

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Our European Bombaround: We need you!

In about 7 weeks time we are upping sticks and going for a 3 month bombaround Europe in our camper, Betty. We could well emerge as Gandhi like pillars of peace and wisdom; all that forestry and earthy shizzle molding … Continue reading

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Recycled home – happy imperfection

We shift things around a fair bit in our house. We are so often picking up new bits of furniture from street corners (poor, neglected things) and little trinkets from charity shops that we kind of have to wriggle the … Continue reading

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