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Let’s talk about sex, baby

I was sitting in the bath this week discussing gender reassignment surgery with my¬†almost four year old daughter, Ramona. Crikey. What brought us to this point? Is it this scourge of liberal parenting sweeping the nations that will eventually turn … Continue reading

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Such a typical boy!

I have the child that people use to make a point about how boys and girls are just *so* different, even as babies. “I hate to stereotype but my child is SUCH a typical boy! Completely different to my daughters!” … Continue reading

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Emotional Memory – explaining a child’s and a parent’s raw reactions

A few months ago, one of our last days in UK, the four of us rocked up to a park, eager to get some air after being stuck in a bit of gnarly traffic. It was a crazy windy day, … Continue reading

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Could the concept of “adultism” transform relationships between adults and children?

“Isms” are rare in my circle of friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Nearly everyone I know is involved in a journey of eradicating any sexism, racism or other prejudice in their lives. We are all aware that NO ONE should be … Continue reading

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Attachment Parenting A Toddler: Beyond Breastfeeding and Babywearing

Last night Tim was out late so I had two little people on my hands at bed time- this is pretty rare for us. I hunkered down with them both, one on each side, breastfeeding to sleep, their guzzling and … Continue reading

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The pockets of others

I was remembering recently some of those days when Ramona was a baby and my husband would go off to work, how I would look despairingly at the long day ahead, how it seemed to yawn on and on. 6:30pm, … Continue reading

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How to be a Vegetarian Parent

Now. You wouldn’t think I’d need a guest post on raising a vegetarian family, what with being a vegetarian since the tender age of 10 when my plate of sausages I’d ordered in the cafe came accompanied by a little … Continue reading

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