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Emotional Memory – explaining a child’s and a parent’s raw reactions

A few months ago, one of our last days in UK, the four of us rocked up to a park, eager to get some air after being stuck in a bit of gnarly traffic. It was a crazy windy day, … Continue reading

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Attachment Parenting A Toddler: Beyond Breastfeeding and Babywearing

Last night Tim was out late so I had two little people on my hands at bed time- this is pretty rare for us. I hunkered down with them both, one on each side, breastfeeding to sleep, their guzzling and … Continue reading

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Children thrive when they are set free from rules

A piece of academic research ignited our collective imaginations this week. The study, carried out in New Zealand, revealed that several primary schools abandoned their playground rules to great success, with one head teacher vowing never to return to rules. … Continue reading

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23 steps to nurturing autonomy in our toddlers

We went to a pyjama party at the Science Museum last week. It was a VIP party, with just the one guest; Ramona. Obviously the thousands of other children and adults looking around the rockets didn’t get the invite- they … Continue reading

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Walking Toddlers – Nurturing curiosity VS getting somewhere

We were walking home from the bus stop, only a 100 metre walk but I was already whipping out the “Should we march? Skip? Jump?” in order to cajole my two year old tot  along. After a bit of very … Continue reading

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Validate bad times, c’mon!

(sung to the tune of Kool and the Gang’s Celebration, obviously. You totally got that, eh.) On one of our trips away this summer we were rushing to get our train back. I jumped on before Ramona and Tim, determined … Continue reading

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The Ominous Silence of babies and toddlers

Ramona has already begun doing things I associate with parenting toddlers- drinking bath water? I have three more years of this? She literally bends double in the bath to slurp up that murky, soapy goodness. The other thing is going … Continue reading

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