A mug for the jubilee?

PSSST! Over here. So you know this jubilee lark? I may, MAY, be joining in. I know, absurd, isn’t it? Me with my stark raving socialism and hippy love.

Don’t panic- I’ve not turned monarchist; I do think there is something hugely and inherently wrong having such grotesque wealth and extreme poverty side by side in our country. Some just say we’re throwing a bash for a kind old lady who happens to be Queen but I can’t get past the though that Her Maj symbolises a deeply unequal society.

This teatowel was 75p and is the perfect size for the boiler on show in our kitchen

The thing is though yeah, I simply can not spurn the lovely Queen-centric propoganda. The colours, the typeface, the patterns; it all just beguiles my eyeballs.

This ole mug was Wan Pawnd (£1 in her majesty’s tongue) from the car booty

I don’t have much, just two prize items I have picked up in the last wee while for mere pennies. (Oh, how our Elizabeth would be appalled.)

Fortunately for my eyeballs, there is NUFF of this stuff floating around at the moment. But is it possibly unfortunate for us on the whole?

Penny Red wrote scathingly last year of the ridiculousness of these royalist celebrations, of “bunting and retro-imperialism”. The article didn’t really say much (mahaha, as if my blog does even a bit.) I just would have loved her to develop the excellent conclusion more;

“This country does not have to behave like a reclusive elderly person, polishing its relics in darkened rooms, hoarding mementos and paranoid prejudices from a time when the world made sense. This country doesn’t just have a past. It also has a future.”

And I think that future is worth a celebration or two. And, you know what? I think that IS what lies behind most of the jubilee fun. People are stringing up bunting and baking cakes and holding street parties not necessarily in honour of the monarchy but to grab the opportunity to connect with neighbours and to smile about this place we all call HOME. Perhaps these celebrations will provide a chance for people to talk about our future together, to dream of a fairer and happier society, and perhaps add just another layer of the unity that we are badly in need of.

In ancient times the term jubilee referred to the fresh start that happened every 50 years – debts were cancelled and slaves were set free and a more egalitarian society was attempted.

Bring. That. On.

So I am having a little jubilee takeover in my heart. I’ll be celebrating jubilee with all it’s original, historical and radical meaning.

It’s just REALLY lucky that this radical jubilee looks ALOT (I mean, almost IDENTICAL) to the current one. So we are good to wear royal blue and red and put up bunting, yeah.

PS- I’m linking up with Liz and I’m sure they’ll be some other royal memrobilia on show at Magpie Monday!

PPS- Whatever you are up to I hope you have a brilliant bank holiday or two!