Charity Shop Tips Vlog – a tour of my local haunts

I have been charity shopping (only for the fifty millionth time already this month) but this time the trip (and all my ridiculous facial contortions) was videoed, like some kind of Candid Camera for secondhand lovers.

(HOLD ON! AMAZING IDEA!) *Begins application to Dragon’s Den* “So yeah. It’s like, the TV following people around jumble sales, yeah, and like, capturing their IMMENSE expressions when they find 50p vintage china and things, and also, like, their depression when a retro typewriter gets nabbed RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES, and also, how sad they are when the shoes don’t fit. Y’know?”

Here are two video vlog things containing my Top Tips for nabbing secondhand bargains. They were captured on my lunchbreak by the Netmums Youtube team. As you can imagine, I was quite distracted the whole time by my primal bargain hunter/gatherer instinct.

I also spent a whole lovely day this week crafting up some thrifty bits and bobs that will also be appearing on the brand new Netmums channel in the next wee while, so if you want to see me make a mess keep your eyes peeled!

Found any lush secondhand deals lately? Want to partner with me on SecondHand Candid Camera?

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15 Responses to Charity Shop Tips Vlog – a tour of my local haunts

  1. Mel Wiggins says:

    Are you KIDDING ME. If you could see my charity shopping it would put you off being my friend. I’m like a vulcher, a kind of swooping in on that tat maniac in case someone else nabs it first. I like to go charity shopping during the quieter hours when the shops are less busy because it’s embarassing for everyone when there’s lots of other people (slash competition) there to infringe on my technique. How’s that for honesty?!

    • Lucy says:

      HAHAHAHA I am like that at car boots, because really, no time to lose. But I find at charity shops there can be a bit more meandering as there is very often people like me in there! Maybe that is a London thing- charity shoppers here are the older lady type, not into the things I have my eye on?

  2. I love it! I too am a charity shop fanatic so it’s great to hear some great tips from a fellow lover of them :) …I actually found another, newly opened, charity shop on my local high street today – VERY exciting! Every time I walk into one it feels like walking into a treasure trove! Do you look for colours and textures when trying to find some gems? I do and find that helps too. Naomi x
    Naomi @ Upcycled Creatively recently posted…Upcycled loopy style felt flower brooch – TutorialMy Profile

    • Lucy says:

      That is SO exciting! Yes, I run my hands along rails searching out good fabrics like 100% wool and silk, even if they just go into my craft box! I will often felt them – I know you are a great fan of that too! :)

  3. You are fab on camera and there are no charity shops like that where i live!
    Jen aka The Mad House recently posted…Admitting we need some helpMy Profile

  4. lally young says:

    Yeah go to dragons den and run it through them! I could just imagine Duncan Banatynes face. It would be like ‘ you are kidding me!’ I did get a lot of nice clothes today and books for silly prices!!! I coulcnt believe my luck!!!

  5. lally young says:

    Hey come to teeside bargains galore!!!

  6. Janet Gray says:

    I live in California and here we call them thrift shops. I am the thrift shop queen and spend my most fun time scouring for bargains. (I have found more great stuff than I have room for). I’m sure none of you have that problem – :)
    Happy Hunting!!!

  7. diary of a premmy mum says:

    Hey awesome!! You can not beat a good charity shop rampage, and your local ones look amazing. Boden jackets? Are you kidding me? what a find!

  8. John Hall says:

    I do this every day. So much fun. You can check out my blog full of charity shop designer fashion. See

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