Fancy Dress Mishaps and Coathanger Bunny Ears

We have had a lovely weekend, it felt a bit like a final fling before we begin a period of hibernation with a newborn. We had my nephew’s sixth birthday party at ours complete with some of my best friends and an incredible Angry Birds cake crafted up by my sister, Jo. (Jo could write a pamphlet on pulling off amazing Sixth Birthdays. She created a whole bespoke outdoor adventure kit for her lad using gear from an Army surplus store and emblazoning it with his initial. He ADORES IT!)

And we had another birthday bash for a friend at the gorgeous Paper Dress Vintage in East London. A couple of hours before we set off to go we had a text message from the hosts saying “Hey Lucy and Tim! Can’t wait for our FANCY DRESS party later! You know it is an animal theme, right? See you in FANCY DRESS later!!”

Was it a fancy dress party?



Fortunately we clocked them and their wily ways before we got the bus to Shoreditch bedecked as an enormous chicken and heavily pregnant bunny.

Friends, eh?! Pahahahaha.

We actually would have been sorted for a seasonal animal look as I have been crafting up all kinds of Spring fun for Ramona lately. Check out these crazy bunny ears made out of fabric and an old coathanger.

(For real, could this little sausage be more squeezeable? She so rarely poses for the camera but here she is doing a perfect rabbit!)

They were super easy to do and I reckon they look well fun- about as far away from Playboy as you can get. (It makes me really cross how they can have a monopoly on the lobes of one of the world’s cutest marsupials.)

1- Bend a coathanger into the shape of two ears
2- Use Gaffa tape to securely attach it to the headband and blunt the wirey ends
3- Take long strips of fabric and dip them in homemade Mod Podge (mix 1 part water to two parts PVA)
4- Wrap this around the whole structure
5- Leave to dry
6- I also added some gorgeous orange bobble ribbon, given to me by Victoria of the beautiful blog The Owl and Accordion. It just adds that little bit more crazy. 

Here is an action vlog of me whipping them up for Netmums:

Have you been doing much Easter crafting?

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12 Responses to Fancy Dress Mishaps and Coathanger Bunny Ears

  1. sam says:

    I love love love these ears..will have a go at making these with my four year old in the easter holiday I think. Your daughter is just beautiful by the way :) x p.s I found your blog by accident about a month ago and now I look forward to each post :)
    sam recently posted…Ladies British wool shrug boleroMy Profile

  2. Sian says:

    Soooo cute : ) may just have to make some for myself! not pink of course!
    oo and I’m sure Weetabix loved their post – it made me smile : )
    Sian recently posted…SnowMy Profile

  3. Katie says:

    Ramona is utterly heart-melting, both as a bunny and not. Was glad to hear earlier that the snowman situation was not as catastrophic as feared :) xx
    Katie recently posted…Six Things SundayMy Profile

  4. Allie Jane Young says:

    She looks soooooo Cute, you should wear them when u go into labor! tee hee. ihave been a busy bee myself! Hence lack of response!

  5. Vicky says:

    Next time I come to visit, I am smuggling her home in my bag. With or without the bunny ears – she’s such a poppet!
    They look ace, and thanks for the shoutout :-)
    Vicky recently posted…paper doily garland diyMy Profile

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