DIY glitter figure decorations


I am always picking up small plastic figures from charity shops and car boots sales- sometimes whole plastic bags of them for 50p. I rummage through it saying to Ramona “One for you, one for me” until they are all dished out. She plays quite imaginatively with them and I craft them up. (These Cowboy and Indian pots were probably my favourite. Until now.)

I also like putting glitter on stuff. Really, who doesn’t? Anything goes. (See: shoes)

Glitter on tiny plastic toys is a WINNER!

Grab some glue- a nice toxic shoe glue is a goody, something that dries quickly but is really strong.

Grab some glitter.

Apply glue to your figure in centimetre patches, dabbing it in the glitter before you do the next centimetre.

Don’t get your fingers involved. (I was Goldfinger for about 3 days.)

Apply a string to hang on the tree or a name tag for a placeholder.

Merry glittery Christmas everybody.

(HARHAHAHAHA *evil laugh* Your guests will have glitter in all their nooks and crannies for MONTHS.)

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8 Responses to DIY glitter figure decorations

  1. Love these! *heads straight off to local charity shoos*
    Morgana @ butwhymummywhy recently posted…Hot Chocolate Cookies from the Cooking with Kids AppMy Profile

  2. Jo T says:

    These better be coming to the shire.

  3. Katy Beale says:

    Love these. My mother would kill me if I introduced something like this to her house. I think she’s finally got rid of all the teenage glitter I left at her place.

  4. Great idea, Cherry is obsessed with glitter at the moment x
    Jess @ Along Came Cherry recently posted…Parenting The Second Time RoundMy Profile

  5. ThaliaKR says:

    You are hilarious.

    Rochelle was just lamenting (complete with pics of her lovelies looking *quite* guilty) glittersplosion in their house – so I’ll def be sending this to her!
    ThaliaKR recently posted…Ten Books, Four Words EachMy Profile

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