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Now we’re cooking with gas…

2 August, 2011

You may remember that upon moving into this home we did a quick and dirty makeover on our hideous kitchen– EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TO THIS DAY. We were going to leave it in this shabby chic glory… but then we found an oven.
It is a 1950’s gas oven, left in the street, destined for the dump. We had to salvage that puppy. And, well, I guess we need a kitchen to honour it. It would just be  RUDE to leave our nineties laminate flooring  at it’s feet, and a countrified, fake beamed ceiling at it’s brow. So Tim is ripping it all out now, as I speak, thrashing around all handsome and sweaty with his sledgehammer.

We are going for the industrial vintage look, with some stand alone cupboards we found in the same place as the oven and a few other cheap, old things we have found from ebay. The original floor boards will be revealed and we have a bit of an old massive organ to use as a shelf.

At the moment it looks like a bombsite…

but soon and very soon it will look THE BOMB.

Suddenly I am filled with inspo for cooking. Like, I am EXCITED looking through recipes and getting ready to bust them out on my epic new stove. Check this caramelised onion tarte tatin or ZOMG my friend’s vegetable frittata and another chum’s vegetable lasagna, like, even baking which I NEVER do: Red Velvet Cupcakes, baking with apples. Sometimes when I am looking through recipes I imagine myself as the sort of awesome housekeeper that might do batch cooking and stuff. A Gas stove is perfect for firing it up for things like popcorn – which I noticed features a fair bit in my friend’s Diet Chef Review, so like, y’ know… HEALTHY. Although, I smother mine in butter and golden syrup…

*mouth waters*

Er, right, so… erm…. I’m off to get busy with my new stove!

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