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That time my smelly scalp went viral

14 August, 2014

So, flipping heck.

One minute I am sitting in my kitchen making up new lyrics to I Like Big Butts about my little one year old (“I love you Juno and I can’t deny! No other mother…” Etc) whilst observing out of the corner of my eye my three year old tying an especially long, thin leek around her neck (it wrapped around TWICE! Wiley old leek!) and also thinking about how to encourage them both to consider eating more than just marshmallows for breakfast…

And then… The next minute I have snuck off to use the next door neighbour’s internet and am reading about MY EBOOK IN THE GUARDIAN.

Photo credit: Malcolm Rutherford


Truly, while I was asleep, the internet just went bonkers about No Poo. The Daily Mail, the Telegraph, (that article is the original and actually brilliant), plus a few others, have written about Happy Hair: The definitive guide to giving up shampoo *big toothy marketing smile*

I was warned not to read the comments, but couldn’t resist. Gosh, people are COMICS. And such caricatures of themselves – I.e the Daily Fail & Telegraph tending to be cynical and cruel and Guardian readers all saying “Huh? I haven’t used shampoo for years, of course it works!”

On the smelly thing
Mentioning the stinky stage was probably an urge towards honesty that wasn’t quite necessary – it is really the main thing people have focused on. Especially the Guardian article- it was a shame how much Sali had obviously not read my book and just rested on the old “smelly hippy” stereotype. I sort of wish I didn’t give people the opportunity to drag that tired image up. But then I wanted to be fully transparent about my own experience. I gave up shampoo without knowing anyone else who did it and really without knowing anything about it. I went cold turkey, and didn’t realise there were a billion options for achieving fresh smelling locks during transition. (Loads of tips in the book! *marketing smile*)

It is SO EXCITING that people are buying the ebook (you did buy it, yeah?) and finding it helpful- some of the reviews on Amazon (where it has been a Number 1 bestseller in its category since the beginning of the week arrghhhhhh)

IMG_0929.JPG“This book is your one stop shop for everything NO Poo related, I can’t recommend it highly enough. There is a wealth of info on the internet for those wishing to explore giving up shampoo but a concise, inspiring guide to taking the plunge has been missing and this book is the business! I had already given up shampoo about 3 weeks before reading the book and was committed to giving it a go but now I feel I have the definitive guide to fall back on whenever I need it. Now I know I was using too much bicarb, not brushing enough, and I have an arsenal of conditioning treatments I am planning to try out. Best of all, Lucy explains the science behind how our hair is naturally equipped to clean itself in a way that I can actually remember and wax lyrical to anyone who will listen! And yes, my hair is thicker and shinier than ever.”

“This book is holding my hand through the tough transition to going shampoo free. Shampoo is another side to the Beauty Myth – it’s not good for us yet we have been taught we need it daily!
The book is a total step by step friend taking you through it all, without preaching to the reader. Buy. Read. Go NO POO.”

I’ve been asked loads of questions on Facebook over the last few days- I’m answering them all happily but everyone has been covered in the book. Seriously, I am fairly sure the book says everything anyone might possibly want to know about No Poo. (Hit me with any stones you I think I left unturned!)

Here is the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 But WHY?
Chapter 2 How it Works
Chapter 3 Coping with the transitional period
Chapter 4 Natural alternatives to shampoo
Chapter 5 Natural alternatives to conditioner
Chapter 6 Natural alternatives to styling products
Chapter 7 Hair troubles during transition
Chapter 8 Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 9 Conclusion

That is a lot of information about giving up shampoo, innit?!

The fact that it has just gone so bonkers is bit baffling but don’t you reckon it just says an awful lot about how people are SO READY to embrace a life less dependant on highly packaged hair dreams, jam packed with carcinogens and false promises?

So, thank you, thank you for buying the book and thank you for all being so gunho about giving this No Poo thing a crack with me. It’s not a No Poo movement it’s a No Poo revolution!

Ps You can buy a discounted version here Less than a bottle of swanky shampoo!” *slightly wild eyed smile*Happy Hair No Poo Book

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  • Reply ThaliaKR 14 August, 2014 at 6:13 pm

    Woo hoo you! This is so cool.

    I think all of these at once: a) it is awesome you are getting this exposure b) it is awesome this approach is getting this exposure and c) it is totally insane that it has taken your book and profile to make this suddenly ‘newsworthy’.

    The fixations of the various journalists (and heavens above, the commenters) are hilarious but also deeply disappointing. I do hope you are maintaining some equilibrium in the face of all this weirdness.

    And that your fab book continues to sell brilliantly!
    ThaliaKR recently posted…Single #6: Three Things I’ve Learned [Guest]My Profile

  • Reply Laura 14 August, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    Yey! You used my Amazon comments in this blog!
    The book really IS a hand holding friend. I had only read halfway through and had contacted several friends telling them all about it.
    You’ve been the reasonable voice that makes sense – thank you!! You’ve inspired me lots. As soon as I run out of shampoo I am going no poo!
    Laura xx

  • Reply Alex 14 August, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    Wooheeeeyyyy! (Or should I say NoPooWaaaaayyyyy?) Good on you for the exposure! Try not to b too annoyed about the partly misinformed nature of the articles. People get to know your book is out there and if interested and smart enough, can buy the book, read up on it, and gain a true understanding of the principles and benefits of NoPoo for themselves.

    I’ve been completely Poo-free for 7 days now and am proud and excited, and actually not TOO smelly during this transition phase! (Wait for it, wait for it…) People leaving silly comments about going Poo-free are, well, silly. ShamPoo-ers always smell underneath all those layers of chemicals they choose to put on their scalp (as I unfortunately did for most of my life), all they do is covering it in artificial ‘scents’ and toxins. Yuck! So while silly comments and blind scepticism towards NoPoo make me angry too, they really should be ignored. First there’s ignorance, then there’s sarcasm, then there’s enlightenment (for some), and then someone else will try to claim that it was their own clever idea to leave all commercial ShamPoo behind! (There’s even some ‘sham’ in the word!)

    You can be proud of having put together a comprehensive, well researched and fun to read guide before anybody else did, Lucy, and that includes your honest notes regarding a potentially gunky and smelly transition period after aeons of scalp and hair mistreatment with commercial shampoos, conditioners, sprays, etc. Most healthy things in life require a certain quantum of endurance before an effortless balance is reached, while quick fixes of course sell better to the short-sighted (or socially ‘conditioned’ – can you see what I did there hehe?). However, those who persist with refusing quick fixes and allow their bodies to get rid of the toxic stuff in the long term, will come up (smelling of) roses! *Waves the NoPoo flag*

  • Reply Rachelle Strauss 14 August, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    Wowee, I’m SO proud of you for all this amazing success. You deserve it; the book is brilliantly written. I promise I wrote a blog post but my computer ate it, and I just haven’t had the heart to get round to re-writing just yet. I’m sure, as a blogger, you feel my pain so will let me off just a little bit…
    Onwards and upwards my friend; it’s wonderful to think you are inspiring people to think and act differently. Well done – woohoo!
    Rachelle Strauss recently posted…Why should I take part in Zero Waste Week?My Profile

  • Reply LondonHeather 15 August, 2014 at 12:11 am

    Hehe, I spotted the Guardian article and wondered…could it be Lulastic-inspired? And it was! Hurrah! Though I agree – the focus on smell wasn’t hugely helpful. Really looking forward to reading the book (and then, hopefully being brave enough to give it a go myself…!).

  • Reply Summer 15 August, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Gobbled up your book in one sitting and am currently 4 days in! Just did my first bicarbonate shampoo followed by lemon honey rinse… Here we go! Thanks so much for the inspiration and comprehensive guide. You are lovely!

  • Reply Downs Side Up 16 August, 2014 at 2:15 am

    You are quite simply fantastic!
    So glad your book is a success and you have single handedly made me look into a different type of hair regime.
    And you don’t stink 😉
    Downs Side Up recently posted…The bigot I have feared meetingMy Profile

  • Reply ThaliaKR 17 August, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    Here’s the fab tv article from NZ!
    ThaliaKR recently posted…Don’t Get Raped: Wear Running ShoesMy Profile

  • Reply Natasha Batsford 19 August, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    SO well deserved missus, awesome work bringing no-poo to the masses!!
    Natasha Batsford recently posted…Raising An Activist: A Letter To My SonMy Profile

  • Reply Give a child a knife and you'll empower them for a lifetime | Lulastic and the hippyshake 19 August, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    […] ← That time my smelly scalp went viral […]

  • Reply Claudia 20 August, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    I just read about you in a Dutch web-article, and I was so curious, I just had to buy your book. I never thought about going shampoo-free before, but hey, why the heck not eh? This would save me so much money as I use the salon/professional shampoo, plus, it would mean I’d have one less item to bring with me while traveling. Can’t wait to read it!

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