Goodbye little home!

We are outies! Vamos! We made like Tom and crui- YEAH, you get it, I know.

We have officially left our little Camberwell home. Firstly, a little bit more south to stay with my folks while we get the Campervan all ship-shape. Then to Camp Bestival and then straight over the seas to begin our European bombaround.

It’s not farewell to our friends and family, as we will still be seeing them over the next 6 months. But it is Adios to our little recycled home here in Camberwell. Here are some of my favourite snaps of the space we worked so hard to create.

HAHAHA Sorry, enormous photo frenzy. I couldn’t choose my favourites. Hope you enjoyed them.

Goodbye, little home.

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PPS Photos mostly by the clever Jenny Hardy.

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18 Responses to Goodbye little home!

  1. Angeline says:

    Your house is amazing! Wowzers!!! I love the phone , in fact I love it all! Hope you enjoy Europe and Bestival :)

  2. Sian says:

    What a beautiful home you made, full of treasures : ) but wow, what an exciting time you have in front of you!
    Sian recently posted…Rainbow #1My Profile

  3. Olatz says:

    Can I ask what will happen to this beautiful house? It’s a pitty you’re saying goodbye. :(

  4. Lally Jane young says:

    I hope you find your true home. We haven’t decided were to go next. I still have one child in ft, but my girls when they are old enough will be home schooled. I just want to be somewhere that hasn’t been invaded and taken advantage of. Sadly I no longer think the uk to be home for us.
    I feel like my light has been snuffed out and we are now
    PC. Bring back the days from my chilhood. I hope you have a fab time at bestival. Sending my love and best wishes to all of you. Allie

    • Lucy says:

      Oh thanks Allie, have missed you round here! What are you thinking about next? x

      • Lally Jane young says:

        Hiya Lucy we haven’t decided yet. We are moving into my parents for a while whilst me and Paul look for work abroad. Sweden has popped up countless times as has Norway. The joys of being married to a swede.
        I don’t know if you feel how I feel, but don’t you sometimes feel like the uk has lost the plot ? sadly I do not feel safe. We did talk about oz even Palma as he is an engineer so he can do what he likes. We’re as me I would have to go and work in an English speaking school, until I got the lingo.
        I just want fern and willow to have a future. If we stay here they won’t. Sad but true. Let me know how your touring adventures get on. Shame you can’t do you tube videos. Love and best wishes for all of you, and keep safe.

  5. Jo says:

    So sad to say good-bye to your beautiful nest. I can see all the hard work and creativity that has gone into it. Here’s to new adventures!
    Jo recently posted…Bread Dough VariationsMy Profile

  6. Jo Latif says:

    Wow – we never got to see the end result but thanks for posting up those photos! Your little haven looks aamazing. Can’t wait to see you guys later when you come back to the land of the long white cloud! x

  7. There’s something I LOVE in every photo, hands down fave? The blind in the kitchen!

  8. Caroline says:

    Your home was (is?) gorgeous. So unique and feels like a real home, love it. Thanks for sharing.

  9. amanda armstrong says:

    Ah so sad… I feel quite attached to your little house, seeing it slowly transformed from the beginning (and i must add i was STOKED to see a particular lampshade featured in your pics… ) Have a fabulous trip and we can’t wait to see you all again x

  10. I have one thing to say, and that’s Lucy, will you be my interior designer? (Of my theoretical house…)


    Enjoy Bestival and Bombing. We have just woken up on our first morning back in Aotearoa. Blue sky but FREEZING!
    Thalia Kehoe Rowden recently posted…Possession #4: On the Owning of BooksMy Profile

  11. HaydenS says:

    Wow, the place looks so amazing Lucy! It must be sad saying goodbye!

  12. Ah it looked amazing, it must be so sad to leave it but what an exciting adventure you have ahead of you! Have a brilliant time! x
    Mum2BabyInsomniac recently posted…Is There A ‘Right Time’ To Have A Baby?My Profile

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