Recycled home- Big Bedroom Makeover

Ah, this great big room! It is so beautiful! Well, the 30% of the time that there aren’t piles of clothes and junk we are hiding from visitors all over the floor, it is so beautiful!

When doing this bedroom makeover I wanted to keep it pretty simple and calm, to create a peaceful sleeping environment. It is peaceful, the 30% of the time we are asleep in there, the times we are not diving in and out of the curtains playing hide and seek or raccously bouncing on the bed. (I say “we” out of solidarity for one of my kids.)

Come on in…

Some of my favourite creations are in this room. This art I did in an old window frame ¬†for Tim’s birthday of a native New Zealand bird, the Tui.

And this suitcase shelf

and book- shelf.

There is a huge framed print we hung after finding it in Oxfam.

Both the curtains and the bed came from a house clearance. It is our family bed and we love its gargantuan size to fit us all in. We got the headboard from Gumtree, it is equally huge and Tim had to wrangle it home on THREE different buses. The things we do for a bargain, eh? I flung some vintage fabric over it and made some bunting by painting letters onto the pages of an old book.

We found all these cupboards and drawers in one junk shop after months of searching for the perfect ones to fit in those spaces. We were SO stoked with them all!

We are leaving all of this furniture for the people moving into our home. I’m going to miss it badly, especially our giant bed.

I wanted to squeeze this post in before we move out, so I can look back and nostalgically reflect on how we transformed our whole house through 100% secondhand shenanigans.

So, future-Lucy, these pictures look nice, yeah? But remember it DID NOT look this nice for 70% of the time, okay? This room was basically rubbish nearly always. Stop crying.

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6 Responses to Recycled home- Big Bedroom Makeover

  1. You’re killing me, it looks awesome! OK I have to tackle our room now, no wonder I can’t sleep it’s so oppressive! I love how light and airy you’ve managed to make it, we have dark furniture and it’s hard to bring in the light, time to head to pinterest and buy some paint I think!

  2. BEAUTIFUL beautiful beautiful.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with a new home in Aotearoa.

    Pack happily and travel adventurously.

    xox tkr

  3. Molly says:

    It’s a BEAUTIFUL room! But the thing that makes it so beautiful (apart from being so big and airy) is the way you’ve made it YOURS. And you’ll do the same again in all the other places you will live. Whether it’s a camper van or a new home in New Zealand. It’ll be beautiful because you’ll give it the special Lucy touch!
    Molly recently posted…AdjustmentMy Profile

  4. Mammasaurus says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the book bookshelf! What a great idea!
    Mammasaurus recently posted…Latitude Festival, Part One: For ChildrenMy Profile

  5. Kristin says:

    Love the banner above the bed!! I am absolutely doing this… like, now!
    Thank you for the fab ideas! :)

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