Truly Spring and recent street finds

*sings* “Spring is in the air! Every time I look around, ba, ba, ba, ba” *Does old school Uncle-At-Wedding-Dance-and-Clap*

So, SPRING eh?! You sneaky old devil, you. (Actually, stop. I’m not going to start talking to Spring. Personifying my breasts is one thing, the seasons yet another.) Needless to say, I am feeling quite joyful this week. Gosh, the sun, which seems to have appeared so suddenly, makes such a difference! Having the back door open and wandering in and out of the kitchen into the garden. Going to the park for hours without turning blue. Cycling around without feeling like my ears might chip off if I knock them when I remove my helmet.

We are kind of having a big spring clean this week- ready for the house going on the market on Monday. Yes! MONDAY! EEPP!!! Actually it isn’t too much of a big deal as we won’t complete until the summer but we are thinking it would be ace to wrap it all up (by “all” I mostly mean “having to keep the house clean for viewings”) before this womb-baby makes an entrance.

While we work on the big house, Ramona is DIYing her own one

We love our estate agent – I know they are meant to woo you, but this one really is nice- she told us to not change a thing, this quirky home will float some boats, so leave it all exactly as it is. This came as a real relief as we thought we were going to have to spend a few months making it kind of, er, normal.

Hopefully some potential new owners might enjoy this great big word emerging from above our mantel piece. Our row of local shops got a grant from the council to get new facades. Bye, Bye, unique retro shop signs and Hello naff plastic signs that make the row look like it is from Sim City. (Gah, there I go again conversing with objects.) ANYWAY, the upside was that we found the massive seventies letters from The Crusty Loaf, our local bakers, languishing by the bin. And nabbed them. We have a TRULY (the word truly is in all the best songs- Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the carol Oh Holy Night and, um, others as well, yeah) and some others popped around the house too.

One thing we did want to change was our sofa. We had a great big one we found in Oxfam, it was cool but took over a lot of the room. We felt a normal size one might show the room off a bit better. We have done internet searches and have been looking for a while to no avail so a couple of days ago we put our business hats on, ready to trawl the charity shops. Before we made it to the shops we were walking along a posh road and TA DA! There was a lounge suite on someone’s drive. A knock on the door, a chat to the chucker-outer-ers and a call to a Man and Van later and it was rescued from the landfill and sitting in our lounge. We LOVE it. And it even has a matching arm chair.

It is pretty plain, but really perfect for this room where there is alot going on. (Yes, mum, it needs an iron.)

Sun, big words and a new sofa maketh a grand week. Hope yours is going well too!

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