Vintage Spoons Hanging Hooks

Cor, don’t you just LOVE a nice souvenir spoon?! When I saw these in a New Zealand charity shop for 50 cents I snapped them up. They just totally evoke a colonial inspired 1980′s afternoon tea vibe, eh?

I have had them rattling around with a faint idea of using them for something but then when a need arose for a place to hang our tea towels I just KNEW. Just knew. These spoons were always meant for greater things than stirring sugar lumps.

Here it is, another 5 min recycling crafty frolick:

I found this bit of wood on the pavement once and have had it randomly on display. I love the imprint of VB ENGLAND along it. It is a bit rugged but I thought it would help my spoons to sparkle.

Linking up with the ever brilliant Magpie Monday of course!

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13 Responses to Vintage Spoons Hanging Hooks

  1. Liz Burton says:

    That is a FANTABULOUS idea! I have some old mismatched EPNS spoons knocking about, this would be a perfect way to use them. You are clever. I’m pinning :0)

  2. This is exactly what I am doing for a friend who owns a teashop – although she wanted regular vintage spoons rather than souvenir ones. It looks great, although I have a dislike of no more nails since moving into a flat where EVERYTHING had been attached using it and removing things meant great lumps of plaster falling out.

    (Incidentally, I have just had to re-add your blog to my followed list. I’m having a lot of problems with blogger seeming to randomly remove sites and as I follow quite a lot I don’t notice for a while. Sorry)

    ***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogivesary giveaway open now***

  3. karen Jones says:

    LOVE IT ! The little pictures add a colourful touch. Wonderful xx

    I have something similar, like Lakota says with vintage spoons.

  4. Wow that is such a good DIY ptoject – looks fab!

  5. What a brilliant idea – the end result looks fab!

  6. What a great idea, I’m always seeing spoons like that in chazza shops and never know what I’d do with them, now I know!

  7. lulastic says:

    Thanks everyone!
    *Adds Chazza Shop to list of favourite phrases*

  8. i have a friend who makes rings out of teaspoons and likes the souvenir ones becuase they usually have the most decorative stems. i love this use as well!

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