Crafting babies and homes: a bit about me and what I hope the new blog to be…

I love creating stuff, I’m not too picky about what, although at the moment I am big into making collages. Oh, and babies. I’m 14 weeks this week, it is our first and we are hand clappingly happy about it. It is pretty cool making something without really doing anything. At the moment I believe I am working on a hearing system to make those ears functionable.

We are half way through moving into a little Victorian terrace in Camberwell, South London. Once in, we (that’s my husband, Tim, and house mate, Shelley) we will be obliterating the worst-of-the-eighties- decor and unleashing our dreams of a recycled, beautiful, best-of-all-era’s design theme. We are just waiting on all those boring bits like land registry checks and all that.

This crafting blog will hopefully document the foetus to new-born, no house to delicious home stage in our lives…

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One Response to Crafting babies and homes: a bit about me and what I hope the new blog to be…

  1. jo says:

    Am very much looking forward to following you on this super exciting journey. If you want to get started by making stuff for my house and kids, that'd be fine :-)

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