Good old fashioned fun…

to be had at Carters Steam Fair! I can’t rave about it enough- men in bow ties, old skool rides, little girls in shiny red shoes, smiliest workers, yummiest doughnuts ever. And when you see it through the viewfinder of an old Brownie camera it adds a whole new level of wonder, innocence and glee. Had a lot of curious looks with my set up (Brownie, digital camera, loo roll and sellotape connecting the two viewfinders) but think it was worth it- fun fairs are meant to be seen this way I think!

(Next step might be to splash out £2 and invest in a Brownie that doesn’t have a pube stuck in the lens…)
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3 Responses to Good old fashioned fun…

  1. Jess says:

    Great Lulu, love the blog… It's Lulastic!

  2. lucy ar says:

    Hey Jess, thank you! Will have to bring this little Kodak out to NZ next time I am there! x

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