Progress on Chez AitkenRead et le bebe

Just a quick update as I feel things have moved even since last week on both our little house and the bump…

So, the entanglement of bureaucracy that has held up our purchase of our Camberwell house seems to be nearing the end. Last night we popped over and met the vendor there, a lovely woman, who seemed confident that all would be finalised within weeks. We even have draft contracts! We are getting very excited once again, although when I saw the garden I got palpitations. I had in mind that we would move in and lay out our seedlings but in the three months since we put the offer in it has turned into the Little Shop of Horrors! It’s a jungle out there and definitely not ready for an instant BBQ.

Also, here is the latest bump picture, yes, there is actually a bump there! Can you see it?! I had many formal complaints at the last two pictures being so unbumpus. I have felt Wrigglewriggle (named by my three year old nephew) moving around and even Tim felt it the other morning. Yikes! Very exciting. Here is Wrigglewriggle: 17 weeks today! (Or so they say!)

Well, it is Friday, I am off to enjoy some beautiful evening sun. Have a delicious weekend!
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2 Responses to Progress on Chez AitkenRead et le bebe

  1. Jess says:

    Beaut bump team!!! Good work on growing continuing I expect :)

  2. lucy ar says:

    Has doubled in size in the last 2 weeks and I even got offered a seat on the tube- watershed moment!

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