One for the City Dwelling Nature Lovers

3 December, 2015

I love living in my yurt. I love the sense of freedom it has given us. I love to watch my family grow with and amongst the surrounding countryside. I love that we have been able to give our girls a life that is respectful of nature and each other.

It is so important for children to understand the world around them and to see themselves as an
intrinsic part of this beautiful natural cycle. I already have a post on how to be an eco-parent, but we have always emphasised that we exist in tandem with the world around us and want to honour that by committing to a way of life that celebrates and pays tribute to nature, not just as a parent but also as people.

I know how lucky we are. We have been able to build our lives around these ideals and this is not everybody’s reality. We haven’t always lived this way either, and when we were still in the UK we made sure to find ways to live in not just an environmentally friendly way, but in a way that celebrated the environment. Living in a major city like London, it is easy to feel detached from nature, but that doesn’t have to be the case and we all should be doing our best for the environment.

Of course a big thing is to make sure that your home is as eco-friendly as possible. Checking it is insulated properly is probably the number one thing you can do not just for the environment, but also to pinch a few (or rather a lot) of pennies. Be mindful of your appliances. The television doesn’t have to be on standby all the time.

Unplug it overnight and you will save on electricity. Perhaps even consider eliminating electrical
appliances wherever possible. The washing machine is one that doesn’t only use up electricity, but just think of all that water! Some services like this company called ZipJet will pick up your laundry and do it for you for a small price. If every household didn’t have its own washing machine that uses up electricity and water, then we would save a ton of energy. Not to mention no more sorting dirty socks and T-shirts!

If you have to live in the city for work, make it a point to get out as often as possible. It’s so easy to get lost in urban life and forget about the world outside of the concrete. How wonderful are those first deep breaths when you finally leave the city for an afternoon getting lost in the woods? How beautiful does the soil feel on your bare feet when you are only used to the hard concrete under the soles of your sensible work shoes. Reconnect with nature as often as you can, whether a day at the lake in summer, or a beautiful wintery walk through the countryside, you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and at peace.


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