DIY Peg Wonderwoman (because children need more female superheros)

16 June, 2014

I was putting together some materials into a jar for a little friend’s fifth birthday- it was to be a DIY Peg Doll. “Perhaps I’ll make it a DIY Peg Fairy Doll, or a DIY Peg Ballerina” I contemplated… followed immediately by “WHAT KIND OF FEMINIST AM I?!”

She shall be a SUPERHERO, my better self decreed. Because, yes, those pointy pins do naturally evoke pirouetting ballerinas and flying fairies, but they are also, clearly, the strong, mighty legs of a Wonderwoman – and I bet most five year old girls have quite enough fairies and princesses in their lives.DIY Superhero Peg Doll

I put in some fabrics and buttons and bottle tops and also a glow stick to snap (her magical sword, obviously.) I also drew up an Instruction sheet and folded that in and presented it in a nice little jar.DIY Superhero Peg Doll

Do I genuinely believe fairies and ballerinas and princesses are against equal rights for women? No. I like ’em. Ramona spends most of each day as the “Pirate Princess” and I happily don a crown alongside her. I *do* think boys and girls will benefit however from a wider range of female characters in their lives. I *do* think that many toys are very limiting and offer only stereotyped versions of a female.

I welcome Legos decision to creative a female scientist. And I was happy to transform my peg into Wonderwoman, because if we want our girls to set their sights on being the head of CERN or Rescuing the World wearing Pants and a Cape these figures need to EXIST to them when they are small. They need to be able to touch and feel and play with them.

Behold! Peggy the Wonderwoman is here to save the day!

(She will begin by taking on that sexist Murdoch alongside the No More Page 3 campaign. Hehehe.)

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  • Exsugarbabe 16 June, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    As the media won’t give our girls a superhero we’ll have to do it ourselves, silly outfit at the ready then put up a shelf or show our daughter how to skate down a hill, or cook a fabulous dinner, there are so many ways women are superheros every day.

    Also are some complex superheroines as your kids get older the latest X Men, agent agent Romanoff is fabulous, clever and sneaky for all the right reasons, a great role model for teen girls who are clever and sneaky, often for the wrong reasons.

  • Ali 16 June, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    Perfect timing! I was struggling to put together a package of work which promotes positive female role models to an abused child. We shall have super hero peg dolls aplenty! ( I hope it’s ok to pinch your idea?!)
    I will be leaving out the sword though. Magical or not I can’t ever condone the encouragement of physical violence.

  • LKD 16 June, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    Hooray for mothers like you! Hooray for parents in the struggle to free our daughters from Disney Princess World Domination!

    I wrote a post called ” Tutu Much, Too Too Soon” many months ago when I thought I would erupt with frustration over the ubiquity of tutus, bloody tutus EVERYWHERE on tiny little girls! (And I am a ballet dancer, mind)
    Here it is (and with it, my expression of solidarity with your achievement!


  • ThaliaKR 17 June, 2014 at 7:48 am

    Nice work!