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Moon Circle: rediscover intuition, wildness and sisterhood

10 January, 2018


Moon Circle: rediscover intuition, wildness and sisterhood

All over the world, women are discovering the power of sitting in sacred circles together. Let Lucy take you on a journey of connecting with yourself, the earth and your sisters. Moon Circle demystifies the process of setting up a circle up whilst keeping alive the magic and mysticism that pervades these gatherings of women.

Moon Circle’s combination of practical guidance and poetic imagery will help set your feet on your own path of rediscovering your intuition, your wildness and your tribe.

“As I read Moon Circle I felt as though I was sitting somewhere cosy with Lucy as she honestly shared her experiences from her first discovery of a women’s circle to the harvest of knowledge she now has from setting up her own circle and participating in many. Through story, humour and practical guidance Lucy offers us an inspiring guide to create and hold a Moon Circle so that women can gather to reclaim their ways.”
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, author of Wild Power: discover the magic of your menstrual cycle and awaken the feminine path to power (Hay House, 2017)

“Beautiful and evocative, down to earth and very accessible, so anyone could feel that they could start or be part of a circle.” Susan Durcan, Embodied Wholeness

Moon Circle Lucy Aitkenread


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For a little glimpse of what our Moon Circle entails take a look at today’s video:

Do you need a sacred space to gather with the sisterhood to rediscover your intuition?

Thank you so much! I feel like I need to sleep for a month now after all this excitement. Hehe. It wasn’t at all in my plans to start on another book last year just a couple of months after publishing Freedom Face. But in April I began a Patreon page, and this encouraging community that sprang up around me made me feel like I’d truly stepped into life as a writer. (I know, I know, so many words and still there is self-doubt.) I felt this deep urge to write about the thing that was making such an impact on me and Moon Circle was birthed in midnight sessions while the family slept.

Thank you to those of you that have been so supportive of all my random endeavors, lol,  thank you especially to my Patreons who literally allowed this book to happen, and to the sisters in my Moon Circle; what a privilege to share that sacred space with you.

And here it is!

Much love and stay radical!
Sacred sisterhood moon circle

Moon Circle

How to change your life

4 January, 2018

Ah, beautiful readers. I am approaching the day when I spill my guts! All about the thing that has been totally transformative for me over this last year. The thing that has made me more able to step into myself, my wild side, my intuition. The thing I can’t stop talking about so had to put it all down in writing! It’s the Moon Circle we began 18 months ago and it’s the single biggest thing that has changed my life since becoming a mother.

On Wednesday 10th January I’m launching the book, called, er, Moon Circle (just to keep things simple) and I wanted to let you know a little bit about it. I realise I have been far more shy and reticent about promoting Moon Circle compared to my other books and I think it’s because it articulates some of my deeper feelings and vulnerabilities in a way that my others don’t. So, today I am gathering up the boldness I’m going to need for the next week or so of putting it out there!
Moon Circle

Here are a few paragraphs from the Intro…

“Our Moon Circle is where we tell our stories to each other, where we take the sting out of the shame we’ve experienced, where we share tears over our griefs, and where we honour and bolster the dreams of each other’s hearts.

It’s a place where we know we belong, because we’ve seen each other’s shadows and we’re unafraid.

It’s a place where we practise trusting ourselves, speaking on instinct, and voicing our intuition – and then we see that trust bleed out of the Moon Circle, flooding our everyday lives.

I’ve written this little book because, almost every week for a year, I felt I wanted to respond to various women in a hundred different circumstance with the words “Oh! You need a Moon Circle!”. It’s all very well to think everyone should get to have one, but another thing for people to actually go out and make one happen. So I’m sharing our story: how we got our Circle off the ground; and all the things we do as part of it.

A Moon Circle is for you if you’ve ever struggled with a sense of belonging. It’s for you if you’ve ever been shamed or rejected, or made to feel small.  It’s for you if you feel you want to nourish your soul, but don’t want to be part of a religious institution. It’s for you if you have anger and hurt, and you need to vent in a safe place. It’s for you if you feel an urge to connect to the earth, but feel at a loss about where to begin. It’s for you if you have become skeptical of the ‘women-are-bitchy’ myth. It’s for you if you are tired of being respectable and acceptable.  It’s for you if you feel a sense of something burning within you, and you want to stoke that flame.”

Buy the book

I’m kicking off the book launch with the greatest price it’s ever going to be so do nab it in the first 3 days! You can buy it on your Kindle or Kobo or as a PDF or epub file from my website. (This one you are reading.) If you plan to buy on Kindle you can pre-order it here so that it arrives on publication day!

Join the Facebook Live on Wednesday
We had so much fun together on that Facebook Live when I launched Freedom Face, didn’t we! Hehe. I am going to do another Facebook Live on publication day, Wednesday 10th January at 9:30 NZT. I’d LOVE to see you there!

Spread the word

One of the most important things you can do to help me is spread the word! Please review it as soon as you can on Amazon or Good Reads. Share it in a relevant Facebook group or on your Facebook profile. These might seem like minor wee things but they make all the difference to an author with no marketing budget! Lots of you have done this for every book I’ve written and I am eternally grateful. Mucho slobbery, consenting smooches in advance.

In the meantime you might want to take a look at today’s Youtube video, all about the unschooling camp we had at our place over New Years.

Happy New Year to you. Thank you for continuing to support my work online, my aim for this year is to become even more abundant and generous with resources and helpful things! Much love to you. x x