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Happy Hair Detox E-course – Discover beautiful, clean, shampoo-free hair

11 June, 2015

For almost every person that tells me “My hair has been AMAZING since giving up shampoo” there is someone that will tell me that they had to give up – they simply couldn’t hack the detox period.

Since launching my ebook about giving up shampoo I have been ruminating on how best I can help people through this most tricky phase – I truly believe that, with the right motivation and support team ANYONE can give up shampoo, and eventually, discover gorgeous locks.

I have recently turned teacher and cheerleader, with my brand spanking new ecourse, Happy Hair Detox. 

Consider me like a mixture of the best boyfriend in the world and Oprah Winfrey – here to stroke your hair and point out your magnificent beauty whilst also giving you lots of helpful information and inspirational wisdom.

****Sign up today to make use of this huge discount for Lulastic readers****

Let me hold your hand through your hair detox and transition to “No Poo” with this series of online classes (55 minutes worth) and downloadable, interactive worksheets and a moderated peer to peer support forum. From the moment you hit “purchase” you can begin this course, or you can take one unit every 3 days to see you through the most intense part of transition.

And if you don’t enjoy the course, or don’t feel equipped to give up shampoo, I’ll give you a full refund.

Unit One – Introduction and reasons for giving up shampoo
Unit Two – Healthy alternatives to shampoo
Unit Three – Healthy alternatives to conditioner
Unit Four – Top Tips for getting through your detox period
Unit Five – The science of No Poo and the structure of your hair
Unit Six – What is behind the label of your shampoo bottle?
Unit Seven – Trouble shooting common problems
Unit Eight – Caring for your hair long term – Heat and Chemical free styling

Here is a $10 off code for Lulastic readers WHOOP WHOOP – please use this link to sign up with that.

Happy Hair Detox EcourseI’m pretty much as excited as one can be right now! I’d love you to join me in class!


Shampoo Free

Shampoo Free Hair for 3 years – If you can’t eat it, don’t wash with it!

13 April, 2015

Oh, I had a lovely Saturday. I was at an environmental expo with my new workshop Happy Hair / Healthy Planet and basically spent the afternoon with a load of strangers feeling up my head, sticking their noses in my scalp and running their fingers through my locks. Oh yes! Surely if there is anything that can prove going Shampoo Free can give you healthy, shiny tresses it is getting up close and personal! I was pretty stoked that people actually went away and bought my ebook after rubbing my head like a genie – I have been selling stacks of them all weekend. YES!

Whilst cramming for my workshop I went even deeper into the chemicals present in our shampoo bottles and once again I was blown away by the fact that people wash in this unregulated carcinogenic concoction on a regular basis. If only people KNEW! And if only people realised they could stick those nasties in the bin, replace it with something from their kitchen and actually have BETTER, far, far, BETTER hair!

Well, I am on a mission now people>>>

Happy Hair/ Healthy Planet- on tour in the UK, NZ and USA!
I love writing, but I also love communicating face to face. Since finishing up my campaigning job with Oxfam, one of the things I have missed is the stream of workshops and presentations. I love meeting people and talking about stuff I am passionate about. So, why not start doing this with Happy Hair? My presentation involves looking inside the average shampoo bottle, all the alternatives, and the place of the No Poo movement within the wider, global environmental movement.

Happy Hair/ Healthy Planet will be on tour around NZ, the UK (in July, hoorah!) and San Francisco over the summer months.

Do you run an environmental centre or are you part of a group (such as W.I) that wants to host a workshop like this? I would love to work with you! Alternatively, please pass this on to any connections you have in those worlds! Get in touch through lulasticblog@gmail.comNoPoo hair
My Six Weekly Hair Cycle
I have been No-Poo for THREE years now- can you believe it? And I think I’ve just entered a new stage of lovely locks. (When I say “lovely” I mean “recently hacked at by  a massive pair of sewing scissors and unbrushed”)

I’ve begun doing a regular avocado or hot oil treatment and I think it has given my hair the gloss and softness that I realise I have been missing for a while. I realise I am in a sort of six weekly rhythm. I’ve come to believe that hair thrives when we mix it up and use a variety of ingredients.

Week 1 – Henna. Henna gives my hair a good old nourish and deep clean. I pack it on, stick a plastic bag on my head, followed by a scarf and then wander around for the afternoon acting as if I don’t look absolutely bonkers. I wash it out four hours later with cold water.

Ten days later….

1 tsp of baking soda in a cup of water, rinsed out with 1 tsp of ACV in a cup of water.

Ten days later….

I squish an avocado on my head and leave it for an hour. Then I rinse that out and slather an egg yolk on my head for 3 minutes- the only thing really effective at getting the avo oils out. Hair after this session is shiny-glorious-gloss-balls.

Ten days later….

A tsp of bentonite clay in a cup of water sloshed on and rinsed off, followed by a herb (lemonbalm or rosemary) rinse.

Ten days later…

We are back to the Henna and my six weekly rhythm pings on again.

NoPoo on Hippyshake TV
I thought I’d do a little Youtube about our family’s motto “If you can’t eat it, don’t wash with it!” but it sort of ended up as a bit of a farce when Juno started putting herbs in her ears. Anyway, here it is. You’ll probably die, crunching out to that wee lass and her determination with that lemonbalm.

PS I got this comment from a hairdresser about my ebook, how cool is that?! “I’m a hairdresser and I have tried everything to make my hair grow and be shiny and healthy, every product under the sun! I’m on holiday at the moment and my hair was duller and more brittle than ever! The only things from the book I had to hand was lemon juice and eggs, tried it and can’t believe how shiny and soft it feels from one wash and got rid of the grease build up! I am definitely going shampoo and conditioner free and will tell all my clients with the same problem about your book!”

Join the people discovering beautiful hair and lessening their environmental impact with help from Happy Hair – the definitive guide to giving up shampoo.

Shampoo Free

The hair you’ve always wanted (with Eggs and Soapnuts Shampoo)

9 January, 2015

I just opened an email that filled my heart with gladness! I get emails like this about once a fortnight and every single time I just about want to cry. In the last Chapter of my ebook, Happy Hair, I say something along the lines of how the No Poo movement is part of a wider movement – one that is standing up to the big corps that are flooding the earth with plastic and toxins and promising health and beauty to people that they just can’t provide. Emails like this are a reminder that this is so:

I read your Happy Hair book about 3 months ago, I was pretty desperate at the time having lost a lot of hair following the birth of my second daughter. I’d read The Modern Rapunzel before your book but although that book was helpful, your book addressed my problems; grease and dermatitis. 

Since then, I’ve had many awful hair days, it took a depressing two-and-a-half months to get there, and thank God braids were in fashion, but now I can get to 4 days fairly easily, it even still looks clean at the end of the 2nd day. This all feels like a major achievement after having been a wash-every-day addict since my teens (I’m 37 now). I use the shikakai shampoo you suggest too. I’ve even ditched having highlights and henna my hair now, thank you for giving me this idea, henna is very effective on my dermatitis, though I’m not sure whether its the lemon juice or the henna itself. I mix it with indigo so am now a very shiny dark brown. I even have quite a bit of new hair growth.

I wish I could tell my Grandma who died a few years ago, I have the same hair/scalp as her, she had very fine hair and I remember her saying how she would wash hers and the next day it would be flat and greasy. For many years I’d assumed this would be my future too.

Thanks for giving me an alternative.

HAPPY HAIR  - the definitive guide to giving up shampoo

I recently wrote up accounts of two of my favourite shampoo alternatives for Cosmo.

Eggs as an alternative to shampoo

This is my very, very favourite alternative. We had a hot day here yesterday and my hair was in need of a wash, I went into the garden, smashed an egg on my head, rubbed the slimeyness all over my head, grabbed a fistful of lemonbalm and squashed that into the mix too, and then hosed it off. I felt like a cavewoman, in a liberating kind of a way. And my hair looked like I’d stepped out of a salon, not a cave. Egg is an amazing alternative to shampoo

Here is my Cosmo article all about that.

Soapnuts as an alternative to shampoo

And then soapnuts, argh. They ROCK. Get them in your cupboard right now because they clean EVERYTHING!!! Buy them from the incredible Ethical Superstore for a bargainous 1 kilo – these are my affiliate chums. Love them.

soapnuts are an amazing alternative to shampoo

(Yes: FRINGE!!!!)

Here is my Cosmo article all about that.

And here is the Wonderthrift guide to using Soapnuts as laundry powder. MASSIVE SAVINGS TO BE HAD!

So, yes, I continue to be wowed by all the potential of No Poo. If you are unhappy with your hair I urge you to consider trading traditional shampoo for other alternatives- you may well find the hair you’ve always wanted.

(Buy my comprehensive guide right here, in two clicks. And tell your grandma about it!)

Let me know if you’ve tried anything wacky in your hair- or as a beauty alternative. I’d love to experiment with it for Cosmo. If it involves me acting tribal in my garden it a bonus.

Shampoo Free, Thrifty

No Poo: 20 Surprising Results of Giving Up Shampoo

18 November, 2014

I was lying in the bath the other night, immersing my hair in the hot water (not as relaxing as it sounds- I’m a mother, you know? I had an 18 month old sitting on my tummy face planting on to my boobs and a four year old up the other end balancing rubber ducks on my knees) when it occurred to me that my hair is taking a really long time to get soaked through.

Like water off a duck’s back, it was taking almost half a minute to penetrate my hair shafts. I concluded it is because my hair is so strong and healthy now, each strand so perfectly encased with magnificent sebum, that it was protecting itself against the elements…My hair  has become the elite samurai warrior of hair.

It made me wonder about all the extra, often unexpected results of giving up shampoo. I asked on my Facebook page what people have discovered their hair doing since going No Poo, and I loved hearing all the curious side effects…Giving up shampoo - unexpected benefits

One thing people don’t expect is that No Poo will actually make their hair 10 million times better (I actually did the maths, of course) than when they were using an expensive shampoo:

Soft Hair
“Soft as butter” Megan

“My hairdresser commented on how incredibly soft it was.” Katherine

“I have soft, strong non oily hair.” Helen

Voluminous Hair
“My hair is getting thicker and voluminous without the chemical cocktail of shampoo.” Ayse

“I’m finding my hair is thicker” Katherine

“The thickness and volume is great and I find my hair not only is harder to wet but also takes longer to dry.” Kathy

“I went No Poo at the start of Sept and my hair is so much softer and has heaps more body than it had previously. It was always limp and flyaway before so… WooHoo!” Janine

“Just lately my hairdresser told me she had thinned out the sides a bit (I have short hair). NEVER happened before.” Magdelene

Manageable Hair
“Became easier to manage and stopped depositing itself all over furniture/clothes/bedding. ” Ella

Shiny Hair
“I switched from shampoo to baking soda about a month ago and my hair is healthy and shinier than ever.” Laura

“Hair is long, thick and shiny.” Heather

“I switched from shampoo to baking soda about a month ago and my hair is healthy and shinier than ever!” Laura G

Vibrant Hair
 “I also think my natural color is more vibrant.” Bree

Hair is growing like fury
“My hair is growing like fury! ” Heather

“I think I am actually growing more hair?” Molly

People are discovering their hair actually changes, in texture and shape – often times into exactly the hair they want. Personally, I have always had hair as straight an limp as an arrow. A few months after giving up shampoo it got the most lovely wave. HURRAH!

Straight Hair
“My hair is straight! It’s always been unruly and wavy but now I don’t need to use straighteners ever.” Charlotte

Curly Hair
“No need for product to emphasise curls…love it!” Megan

Tangle Free Hair
“I find my hair is incredibly easy to brush all the time, no matter what i’ve done with it!” Rebecca

I found quite quickly that giving up shampoo had enormous benefits for my skin. Spots I have had my whole life, on my face and shoulders disappeared:

Goodbye Acne
“I stopped using shampoo about 3 months ago and I also decided to stop washing my face with anything too. I’ve suffered from acne most of my life and although it’s been a lot less severe as I’ve got older, and since I’ve had children, my skin is truly the best it’s been for a very long time (people have commented on it – even my Mum, so it must be true!!)” Maddie

Goodbye Eczema
“My husband and son both had eczema but since our whole family of 5 has gone poo free they no longer have eczema!!” Bree

Goodbye Warts
“I had a wart on my finger for at least 4 years. Within two weeks of using baking soda instead of shampoo the wart completely disappeared!” Charly

Goodbye Styling Products
“I love the ‘stiffness’ and volume of my hair with no poo, it’s what I used to have to use 2 or 3 diff products for.. (Wax, mattifying powder, and hairspray..) Now it’s just my natural state.. SO stoked to discover my desire for that texture wasn’t stupid- it was exactly how my hairs meant to be.” Maryanne

Goodbye Cluttered Shelves
“My unexpected side effect has been a new obsession with the labels of beauty products, I’m running everything down and switching to coconut oil and bicarb combos. So the bathroom clutter is disappearing too!” Heather

Goodbye Itchy Scalp
“I was getting an itchy scalp with normal shampoo since going poo free my scalp is itch free and my hair feels lighter and just more healthy” Bree

Goodbye Flaky Scalp
“No more dry patches on my scalp!” Molly

“I have significantly less dandruff and my hair looks less dull.” Caitrin

(Hello, Flaky Scalp)
“Why am I getting dandruff for the first time in my life?” Sarah (A few people also mentioned getting dandruff so I did ought to mention it! It is quite common in transition, as the scalp gets used to not being assaulted by toxins! I cover this in my No Poo ebook Happy Hair – I suggest using a rosemary herb tea amongst other things.

And then there is the sense that being shampoo-free is one way we can step more lightly on the earth. I am sure the No Poo movement is part of a wider, ecological movement:

Hello Eco Warrior Credentials
“I am thrilled at minimising all the plastic packaging that store bought hair products are contained in.” Ella

Hello Festival Happiness
“I’ve been shampoo free for about 4 years now, and just love that my hair always looks great! Go to a 8 day festival – no worries, hair looks same as ever!”  Jessica

Do you have any other unexpected side effects from giving up shampoo? Would love to hear from you. 

PS If you are thinking about giving up shampoo do check out my super thrifty ebook – it has everything you might possibly need to know about beginning this journey and every week I get an email from someone who has discovered beautiful hair as a result of reading it and going No Poo.