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Creating a garden that children will love

3 September, 2015

One of my favourite things over this last has been working in the garden with the children – either planting and harvesting vegetables or choosing and planting beautiful flowers. I am not a natural gardner but I am slowly learning! (Disclosure – this post includes a sponsored link!) lulastic_june2014_hero1-1200x520

Here are somegarden ideas to make sure your children will love your space:

Let them choose the plants
Get a seeds catalogue and give them a pen so they can chose the flowers you are going to plant. The excitement they feel when the seeds arrive will take them straight outdoors to the garden to get planting!

Create some absurdities
I love flowers growing out of welly boots and herbs in baths. Anything that is slightly whimsical just sets the imagination off. Let them come up with some of the creative elements to your garden.

Keep it wild
It is easy to get drawn into a perfectly groomed garden space – don’t be! Child love overgrown vines and willow tunnels and long grass to run through. Allow a little bit of your garden to grow wild so they can see nature at its best.

A bug hotel
Pile some wooden crates on top of each other and fill the bits with sawdust or paper or stones. The in-between layers will create a haven for bugs for your child to explore.

Climbing Logs
Children LOVE to climb. Buy some sleepers or find some massive logs and have an area where kids can balance, or where they can roll a log over and find, yes, MORE BUGS.

Would love to hear your ideas for creating a beautiful, child friendly garden!

  • James 9 January, 2020 at 11:33 pm

    Love spending time at the garden with the kids.
    Now that my daughters grow up a bit I start growing herbs and veggies with them.
    Thanks for sharing!