DIY Inspo

4 November, 2014

I can remember visiting Ikea with my folks when I was a kid. I used to fill my pockets with free pencils (it’s no theivery if they are free, right?) and sit on the sofas and admire the framed pictures. I’d imagine the perfect rooms were my home.

I get the same feeling just looking at the Betta Living site. Here are some of my favourite snippets:1

1// I love the basic canvas this white design provides. It allows for these perfect pops of colour – it also means you can update those pops of colour whenever you want for an almost transformational effect.
2// This playroom- eek! There are loads of made to measure wardrobe options on this site which makes storage, particularly for kid’s rooms a breeze. Something I really struggle with.
3// I am just basically in love with these stone tiles. They are AMAZING.

Not that it wouldn’t take a few seconds for us to wreak marmitey havoc across those beautiful rooms! Hehehe. (Have you seen the It’s Like they Know Us Tumblr? It is only just the most awesome thing on the internet right now.)

Got to love any companies that make it easier for folk to do up their own homes in this stylish manner. Thanks Betta Living for the Inspo!

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