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19 July, 2015

8 years ago me and my friends were sitting on the tube in London when we came up with a killer idea. A fair trade fair on Oxford Street! At Christmas! A Christmas Fayre with ethical stuff on the busiest shopping street in the world! And do you know what, we pulled it off and it is still running today. That is the power of collective dreaming, I reckon!

👌Change happens when we dream collectively 👊 #streetart #bristol

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(I’d change the name though, even though we honestly thought it was genius when we came up with it. Fair Christmas Fayre! Like fair, y’know wow what a winner! Now I just think yikes, what a mouthful.)

We had stall holders come from all over the UK with handmade, certified fair trade and Made in Britain stuff. Only once did a dodgy one sneak in – someone turned up with non stick frying pans made in China. Pfft. Who let them in? *blushes*

It was an inspiring day, apart from when you tuned in to what Oxford St shoppers would say. They’d pick up an item and turn it over and say “OMG I can get this for a tenth of that up the street!” They were completely oblivious about slave labour conditions and all the issues surrounding pound shop tat.

The worst was when they stuck their heads in the market just to ask where Primark was. I wanted to bop them on the head with a beautiful fair trade cushion.
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My Voucher Codes have just released some encouraging research about whether people would prefer to buy “Made in Britain” items or from abroad, discovering that 58% would buy from Britain, and 40% would pay extra to do so. You can read a bit more about the findings here.

I think this represents a real change in our shopping habits. People are becoming aware that buying Made in Britain is more likely to support small business rather than huge corporates, better working conditions and a regulated minimum wage standard.

We are finally getting that the way we spend our money is a vote for, or against, a better world.

*high fives*

PS For more ethical shopping check out my affiliate chummos Ethical Superstore for tons of Made in Britain and fair trade stuff.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post.

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  • Hannah Taylor 29 July, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    I think the thing is we have to get used to spending more on new items and this often means buying less and also mixing it up with second hand. If we spend more on items hopefully (not always the case) but they will last longer meaning that they actually work out cheaper in the long run.

    • Lucy 30 July, 2015 at 1:44 am

      Yes, completely agree! My first port of call is always reuse! I buy new so, so, so rarely!