Ode to the sofa bed

23 February, 2016

With the prospect of having my sister and her son and my folks visiting us all at the same time, combined with the need to fill out big yurt up with furniture, I have spend an inordinate amount of time searching for a sofa bed. I mean, crazy amounts of time. I have come to believe that there is no point to a sofa if it isn’t a sofa bed. There’s not many black and white belief systems I adhere to these days, or hard and fast principles of life in governed by. But that’s one. Always buy a sofa bed. 

There always room at the inn with a sofa bed. No need to dump someone on the floor after its gotten too late and raucous after dinner. You have a bed! Right here in this implausibly small corner of the home! 

They are so tiny- house friendly. In a tiny house (or big yurt) everything needs a dual function. The fire is also the oven. The side table is also storage. Even toilets, in most self respecting off-the-grid homes, are dual functioning, with the humanure eventually being used as compost for the flowers. (It sounds gross but it is great!!) 

Finally sofa beds help you keep it real. They have such an association with rank student flats that littering then around your nice middle class home – or yurt- help you keep your feet on the ground! (Even though actually you can get some super swanky sofa beds these days- check out Sofa Sofa.)  

So yeah, that’s where I’m at, folks. I’ve bought two secondhand sofa beds in the last month and I literally walk guests in and fold them out proudly, saying “you can drink too much gin if you like, we have a sofa bed, you see” 

sofa bed 

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post!

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