Top tips for a winter bedroom makeover

13 October, 2015

With the cold and dark nights of winter looming ahead of you all (definitely NOT gloating here about being in the Southern Hemisphere) I think it’s the perfect time for people to get prepared by making our bedrooms perfect little havens of cosiness and warmth. Let this guest poster inspire you – including photos of our own cosy bedroom.

Whilst the prospect of giving my bedroom a makeover once gave me the feelings of ear in regards to the cost and effort involved, I’ve done a little research and realised that with just a few subtle touches we can all magically transform our bedrooms quickly and cheaply too!

Layer up


I’m sure it’s not just me who seems to spend a much longer amount of time in bed in the winter months. Something about being curled up in bed knowing that the weather is horrible outside is an essential part of winter for me – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

I just love this deluxe velvet bedspread from H&M Home. It’s got a wonderfully luxurious outer layer, whereas the inside has a shabby-chic inspired cotton fabric to stop you getting too hot. But it’s not just bedding that should be updated for the winter months, as all of your soft furnishings could do with a touch of winter charm.

The country look of this Welsh woollen cushion from Seld is perfect for creating feelings of cosiness and comfort in your new-look bedroom.Family bed in yurt

Get the basics right

Whilst accessorising a bedroom can be a lot of fun, it’s always important to get the basics right. I don’t know if I’m just being vain, but having a good full-length mirror is very important for when I’m getting dressed up to face the day. And if you’re feeling a little luxurious, then consider one of these gold bevelled mirrors from The Chandelier and Mirror Company that will definitely lighten up those long and dark winter evenings!

Of course, we can’t forget the bed. Whilst getting a full bed replacement might not be something that us mere mortals can afford to do each year, we can always save up and get some inspiration by checking out Bedstar‘s wonderful oak bedstead that’s made out of environmentally-friendly Hevea wood, so that you can get a perfect night’s sleep without feeling too guilty about your carbon footprint.

living in a yurtLots of colour


And finally, when it’s so bleak and dreary outside, you’ll definitely be wanting to add a splash of colour in your winter interior. It doesn’t even have to be a big effort, as simply adding a few of vibrant red flowers in a calm and serene interior can instantly make your bedroom stylish, chic and luxurious!

Would love to hear how you plan to cosy up your home for winter 😀

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