6 Habits Kids Learn from Us

13 December, 2019

As parents, we are responsible for most of the habits our kids develop. For this reason, we should try to teach them the best habits through the way we live our own life as happy and curious people! If acquired early, these patterns will be part of your child’s character and will affect their adult lives. Here are 6 of the best habits you can teach your kids through being a curious person:

Can you Make Your Kid Learn a New Language? Or is it best just to learn it yourself and model it?

With a second language, your child will be able to communicate with a greater percentage of the world’s population. Learning languages has been noted to improve test scores in core subjects and generally helps to improve brain functions. You should note that some folks think kids can learn languages faster when they are young, so you should not wait until they grow older. Nowadays, learning a foreign language is easier than ever and can be done online and through apps such as Babble, to give you an idea. Contrary to popular opinion, teaching kids two languages at the same time will not confuse them.

Familiarize Your Kids with Recycling

The best time to teach kids about recycling and sustainability is when they are young. This way, the habits will be ingrained in their character. When teaching them about recycling, you should make sure you create recycling systems at home. This is because children typically learn the habits they see at home. In addition, you should teach them about energy use, composting, and other sustainable habits. You should also make a point of using environmentally-friendly products at home.

Show them the beauty of nature

Kids build their imagination by playing outside, so you should encourage them to explore the outdoors. You can even help them with unstructured activities like building forts, pretending to be pirates, and hunting. If there is a nice park near you, consider taking your kids on a regular basis. Hiking is also a great activity in which the whole family can participate. Showing your kids the beauty of nature will help them become calmer and will heighten their observation skills.

Teach them body positivity

Teach your children to always celebrate their bodies. This way, they will grow up to be confident and happy, and that will open them up to many opportunities. People who love their bodies generally enjoy a higher quality of life, so make sure your kids understand that they are beautiful and perfect. You should try to use inclusive language around the house as that will boost their self-confidence.

Teach them to be free with their creativity

Give your child ample time to draw and paint and create. Don’t ever judge them for what they make. Like all the others, this is something you have to model yourself. Deal with the voice in your head that says you aren’t artistic and let your own, unique craftiness flow!

Teach them empathy by being empathetic

Unlike, perhaps, some of the others in this list. Empathy doesn’t grow by practicing empathy – empathy is a neural pathway in the brain that is activated by empathy! Do if you want your kids to grow up to be empathetic, they have to receive empathy from you! Make sure you have all the support and space you need so that you can be an empathetic person. And remember, while we are talking about habits – your child is their own person, never force them to do something they don’t want to do, simply model it and invite them into it empathetically.

Raising kids may not be the easiest job, but isn’t it rewarding, beyond belief? You will rest easy when your child grows up to become a healthy, happy, and outstanding adult. I reckon you can directly impact their future positively by teaching through your own life and curiosity the six habits noted above.