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Five ways to capture your family adventures

6 December, 2019

Spending time with the family is time perfectly spent. The adventures we experience together as a family are memories that will stick with all of us forever. That’s why it’s so very important to keep track of those marvellous times. The easiest and – thanks to technology – most convenient way to do so is by taking lots and lots of pictures. For many, the journey ends here. The pictures of holidays, trips, and special moments are stuck forever on your phone or camera, if you’re lucky and they aren’t lost in time. Others know that photos have the potential to bring joy for years to come and make sure they realise it. These are five ways to capture your family adventures and share them with your loved ones: 

1. Photo books The absolute classic among the memory preservation techniques out there is the photo book. Some families fill book shelves with tales of adventures, years full of love and joy, and little tokens of appreciation. All that is possible with photo books. The most popular options are yearbooks and holiday photo books. Depending on the quantity of photos at your disposal, the decision should be easy to make. Make sure you don’t spend more than you have to, though: There are always good deals around that will save you some money on your project. 

2. Wall decorations Photo wall decorations have become more and more popular in the last few years. Mass-produced decorations from the store have become too mundane to really make an impression in your home. With a family photo on a canvas, acrylic glass, or a metal plate, your living space really becomes homely. Plus, you can always dive right back into the most wonderful memories, without having to pick up your phone, laptop, or camera. 

3. Greeting cards It may not sound like much, but greeting cards have the ability to really knock someone’s socks off. The most obvious way would be to use your photos to send holiday greetings from near or far to friends and family. But greeting cards aren’t only made for sharing. They can make for fantastic decorations of coffee tables and sideboards as well as walls and refrigerators. In some places, you can even design photo postcards online and send them to the recipients directly from the beach – talk about convenience! 

This is where things get really interesting. There are lots of ingenious ways of turning photos into unique and amazing gifts and useful or fun items. From the traditional photo mug to puzzles, socks and Christmas ornaments, the choices are practically endless. So whether it’s a gift or a nifty piece of decoration you’re looking for, your photos can become a part of it and make the item special. 

5. DIY
At the end of the day, nothing is more personal than handmade objects. To decorate, give away, or simply enjoy, making something with your very own hands makes anything so much more special. Essentially, you can treat your photos as regular pieces of paper and start the creative process. Handmade collages, garlands, or even a world map can be upgraded to an entirely new level of personal with your photos. The only limit is your imagination – and perhaps creative input from the Internet. 

4. Photo gifts & objects 
At the end of the day, there are many fantastic ways to turn family adventures into everlasting memories you can look at and remember at any time and share with your friends and family. The most important aspect of these items – be it a photo book, a card, or a pillow case – is your family photo and the joy you take from them. 

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