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The hair you’ve always wanted (with Eggs and Soapnuts Shampoo)

9 January, 2015

I just opened an email that filled my heart with gladness! I get emails like this about once a fortnight and every single time I just about want to cry. In the last Chapter of my ebook, Happy Hair, I say something along the lines of how the No Poo movement is part of a wider movement – one that is standing up to the big corps that are flooding the earth with plastic and toxins and promising health and beauty to people that they just can’t provide. Emails like this are a reminder that this is so:

I read your Happy Hair book about 3 months ago, I was pretty desperate at the time having lost a lot of hair following the birth of my second daughter. I’d read The Modern Rapunzel before your book but although that book was helpful, your book addressed my problems; grease and dermatitis. 

Since then, I’ve had many awful hair days, it took a depressing two-and-a-half months to get there, and thank God braids were in fashion, but now I can get to 4 days fairly easily, it even still looks clean at the end of the 2nd day. This all feels like a major achievement after having been a wash-every-day addict since my teens (I’m 37 now). I use the shikakai shampoo you suggest too. I’ve even ditched having highlights and henna my hair now, thank you for giving me this idea, henna is very effective on my dermatitis, though I’m not sure whether its the lemon juice or the henna itself. I mix it with indigo so am now a very shiny dark brown. I even have quite a bit of new hair growth.

I wish I could tell my Grandma who died a few years ago, I have the same hair/scalp as her, she had very fine hair and I remember her saying how she would wash hers and the next day it would be flat and greasy. For many years I’d assumed this would be my future too.

Thanks for giving me an alternative.

HAPPY HAIR  - the definitive guide to giving up shampoo

I recently wrote up accounts of two of my favourite shampoo alternatives for Cosmo.

Eggs as an alternative to shampoo

This is my very, very favourite alternative. We had a hot day here yesterday and my hair was in need of a wash, I went into the garden, smashed an egg on my head, rubbed the slimeyness all over my head, grabbed a fistful of lemonbalm and squashed that into the mix too, and then hosed it off. I felt like a cavewoman, in a liberating kind of a way. And my hair looked like I’d stepped out of a salon, not a cave. Egg is an amazing alternative to shampoo

Here is my Cosmo article all about that.

Soapnuts as an alternative to shampoo

And then soapnuts, argh. They ROCK. Get them in your cupboard right now because they clean EVERYTHING!!! Buy them from the incredible Ethical Superstore for a bargainous 1 kilo – these are my affiliate chums. Love them.

soapnuts are an amazing alternative to shampoo

(Yes: FRINGE!!!!)

Here is my Cosmo article all about that.

And here is the Wonderthrift guide to using Soapnuts as laundry powder. MASSIVE SAVINGS TO BE HAD!

So, yes, I continue to be wowed by all the potential of No Poo. If you are unhappy with your hair I urge you to consider trading traditional shampoo for other alternatives- you may well find the hair you’ve always wanted.

(Buy my comprehensive guide right here, in two clicks. And tell your grandma about it!)

Let me know if you’ve tried anything wacky in your hair- or as a beauty alternative. I’d love to experiment with it for Cosmo. If it involves me acting tribal in my garden it a bonus.

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  • jenna 9 January, 2015 at 8:21 am

    I bought your book a couple of months ago and finally to the plunge 3 days ago and have to say it’s no where near as bad as I expected! Having washed my hair everyday for as long as I can remember I was seriously dreading the grease. My hair has always been fine/ greasy after a day and I have never before managed more than 2 days without washing. I used a bit of bicarb and cider vinegar yesterday and will probably try the same tomorrow. I already feel freer and can’t wait to be able to spend the summer travelling without the constant fear in my head of where and when I can next wash my hair. Thanks Lucy! X

  • Amanda A 9 January, 2015 at 10:42 am

    Grrrrr…it send before I had finished!

    If I was going to do it then I would want to remove all chemicals not just shampoo so just wondered what you used for moisturiser, body soap etc..

    Many thanks xx

  • vally 28 February, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    i was influenced by some old post of yours about giving up shampoo. i was like “really??? is that even possible???”. i was going through a disappinted phase while using shampoo, happened a few times in my life when i was really unhappy with what was happening to my scalp mostly. i was already a henna fan, doing it every 2 months or so and i always felt much better after it. so i went along with the easy options of egg, soap nuts… then for some reason, don’t aske me why really… when i bought henna once i got it along with amla powder and was doing it alternatively every week or 2. for about 6 months it worked fine and i felt *liberated* from the shampoo slavery. then my hair felt it was getting greasy in less time and once in despair i just used soap trying to get it squeeky clean… was even worse, probably changed something and my hair was now attracting all sorts of dirt, really like even getting dusty?? after a few days i gave up and used shampoo again… was a bit sad and didn’t really know what else to do. i even thought “that was it… “. then i came across rhassoul clay which is well praised by the lady in natural spa supplies and i decided to give it a try. was instantly converted to it, from the first wash! it’s about 1 year down from using it, doing the henna every month or 2 and using the rhassoul clay just once a week, some times even 10 days! i completely forget to wash my hair it always feels fine! depending on the time of the year and my activity after that limit 7-10 days my scalp starts to get a bit itchy so i comb my hair with a horn comb and the next day or so i wash it with rhassoul clay, i make it quite runny, spread it evenly over my hair then comb it thoroughly all round and rinse it off. that’s it nothing more…
    thank you for inspiring me 🙂