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Free Online Games for Kids | Gender Neutral Play

9 September, 2015

You may know that when it comes to screen time I am absolutely FINE with interactive things, like playing online games or free apps, but watching endless amounts of kids tv kind of makes me a bit… scritchy.

There is something about me feeling like kids are learning when they are playing games (er, free games, I might add! I am a cheapskate) but I sort of doubt that when they are sitting and absorbing moving images.

That might be strange, but it is the truth!

As unschoolers, we don’t really worry too much about screen time on the whole. All of those tests that show playing games online leads to obesity or mental health problems are done on school kids who spend all day sitting at a desk. So a few hours of playing online games for an unschooled kid is neither here nor there, I reckon!

And who knows, kids who play online games as youngsters are probably well set up to become uber successful as adults in this digital age!

I enjoyed discovering some of the kids games on recently. My daughter sometimes goes on there to play at the library while I do a bit of work. I like to guide her to the general kids section where there are loads of games that aren’t gender specific.

We have enjoyed the Lion Guard – sequel to Lion King- one, the Bare Bear ones and the Pickle and Peanut. They are just the perfect combination of complicated, easy to play and absurd! That is the ideal kids game in my opinion!

I also love that they only take a little while to load, pop ups are not a distraction, and I can wean my girls off Peppa Pig Zombie Watching by leading them on to

Would love to hear your thoughts on screen time and playing online games!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post.