30 Days of Rewilding – find your place in nature and watch your family bloom!

6 September, 2015

 30 Days of Rewilding takes the form of thirty short chapters, easily digested on the fly, to help you find a sense of home in the natural world. I am so sure that these stories of people who have been transformed and restored by connecting with the wild will inspire you to dive into a love affair with nature, and take your family with you. (People are so enjoying it that it rocketed into its category as a Number One Bestseller! Whoop!) 

30 days of rewilding book

From a brick house in Peckham to a yurt in a forest in New Zealand
30 Days of Rewilding is motivated by our own story and the move we made two years ago with our young children from our (awesome, messy) Victorian terrace house in South London to a (beautiful, chaotic) yurt in a forest in New Zealand. It is a massive change, but the most significant part of it, for me, has been getting in touch with my wilderness DNA.

Through conversations with a variety of people from authors to CEOs and visits to projects around the world from a Forest School in Germany’s Black Forest to a playgroup in South London, people are invited to restore their connection with nature.

There are the mothers who find deep well-being as a result of meeting under each new moon, youth at risk who have had their feet set back on track through wilderness trails, and families who have begun a life-long fling with the wild.

Their stories will make you want to re-discover the ancient pact with nature written on your bones.

Why 30 Daily Readings? 
I was inescapably drawn to write this book because it is something we have found happening to us over the last two years; a rewilding. But as I was writing it I began to believe in the concept of the book more and more – daily readings for busy parents. Because there are TONS of books out there telling us about how sad it is that children can name more Dr Who characters than native birds, and we KNOW that sucks. But the only way children fall in love with nature is when adults nurture an environment where this can happen. Deep, happy-making connections are made between adults and children, and people and earth, when we together go out to poke the moss, watch the beetles, count the stars.

The idea of the book is that over the month readers gradually, through the different activities and stories, discover a sense of belonging in nature.

Early Reviews Say

“Oh my, it’s so amazing! I love it so, so much. A heart palpitating amount. I just read this in one sitting because I couldn’t stop, I was too busy fist pumping and nodding vigorously. I am now itching to plant some spring bulbs, walk through the woods and run into the sea. All of the links made between being outside and having good mental health are sobering and brilliant and SO TRUE- for both children and adults. I am sending it to everyone I know.” Hannah,

“I loved your book! I feel totally motivated to re-wild us all- to get out in nature and take on some of your ideas. Today we just sat in the grass in our barefeet and I wiggled our toes and talked about what we could do. Wonderful inspired ideas and a lovely way to get kids away from screens!” Becky,

Kindle People: 30 Days of Rewilding is available through Amazon

For Non Kindle People: Also available as a simple PDF which can be read on any Ereader or computer. (For Ereaders I advocate the use of Nook, free to download and comes with a cheeky freebie mag already downloaded.) Download 30 Days of Rewilding as a PDF here.

I would be stoked if you could share this post around and give some reviews on Amazon, help me spreadeth the word. And if you are a twittery type, join me tomorrow night on Twitter at 7pm BST for a chat with the hashtag #30DaysOfRewilding

Thank You
It is you readers that keep me motivated to write, you know? I feel so, SO privileged to have you and your encouragement. *sends a blooming blossom your way*

THAAAANKS!!!  And enjoy your bank holiday if you are getting one!30 Days of Rewilding Zenobia

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  • Amanda A 31 August, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    I am a Vintage hard copy book type of girl :/ any plans to bring both your no poo and this book out on hard copy?
    I feel a bit left out……..xx

  • Jess @ Along Came Cherry 1 September, 2015 at 4:27 am

    Just bought it, look forward to reading it later! x

  • Quercus robur 2 September, 2015 at 1:00 am

    Nice post, and good idea re the book. The wildlifetrusts in the UK have been doing a similar initiative and the RSPB is trying to change things for kids and thier connection to nature

  • Samantha 2 September, 2015 at 3:41 am

    Gah! I saw this on Instagram yesterday or the day before and had no idea it was yours!!!!!!

  • Domestic Goddesque 14 September, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    I have so enjoyed reading this and have been pleasantly surprised to learn that I (and my family obvs) am not as Cityfied as I assumed myself to be!

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  • Sarah 2 October, 2015 at 6:27 am

    I’m totally going to read this! Before I had my first child I was quite naive, and imagined a life of travelling to cool countries with my little children soaking up culture. I guess, after 3 children, and a lot less money coming in, I learnt to settle for days out in the wild, running barefoot, being outdoors as much as possible is suiting us so well. Loving your website, so glad I found it x

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