Why we’ll be going to Occupy London today

15 October, 2011

I took Ramona to her first protest when she was three months old. It was the TUC march against the cuts and she managed to sleep her way through most of it; brass band, fireworks, whistles and chanting were mere fleas to be flicked off her giant love of snoozing. She sleeps now as I gather together the things we will need for today, her second ever protest. Snacks, marker pens for bespoke placards and bunting. Occupy London here we come!

Today we get the opportunity to march against greed. “You can’t protest greed!” someone Facebooked this week during a little chat about Occupy Wall Street on his wall – try telling that to Gandhi and his salt marchers.  Greed is the source of many of the world’s issues past, and for this present one we are talking about Corporate, Global, Policy-supported Greed. The kind of Greed that in a not-that-roundabout way has us (the less-greedy or the 99%) tangled up in joblessness,  homelessness and even extreme hunger.

Greed can’t be protested? It CAN be protested and it SHOULD be protested. It should be shouted at, danced on, wrapped up in bunting and thrown out.  Every crumb hoovered up by the sheer hopefulness, principles and will of the Occupy movement! Some people do think this is the revolution that will achieve exactly that. Personally I hope that it may at least put the last bit of momentum needed behind the pain free, economically sound and essentially good Robin Hood Tax. Hopes are high, but as Naomi Klein puts it

“With so much at stake, cynicism is a luxury we simply cannot afford.”

It is an absolute outrage that vulnerable families in the UK and seriously poor countries find it even harder to put food on the table because some suited up men in financial institutions play global economics like slot machines and other suited up men in high rises pay their taxes like they pay a visit to the Jobcentre Plus (that is, never.)

Someone needs to start building a path out of this situation and the Banks and Corporates don’t have the morals and Osbourne and Cameron don’t have the balls.

I think the world stands a better chance with Ramona and her blocks frankly.

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  • Kstants 15 October, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    Babies more than anyone had good reason to be at this protest. I also took my daughter to Slutwalk and Ban the Arms Fair. It’s a good way to grow up and be great if we could make demos more family friendly.

    • lulastic 15 October, 2011 at 7:45 pm

      Awesome, thanks for your comment. I totally agree. I feel this movement is about investing in a just and equal future, creating a more beautiful place for Ramona and her generation.
      And the only way for protests to be family friendly is for families to be there eh.
      We had a fab time.