ALLY – be the guide, advocate and friend your child needs

1 March, 2020

Hey friend! Do you ever feel like you’ve misplaced the switch that activates the respectful parent you know you have inside you? Perhaps it feels like your family don’t get the best of you. Or that too quickly your kids have outgrown the few tools you had? Perhaps you are keen to level up your rights-based parenting in this childist world?

My new ALLY online course is for you if you’ve ever felt any of this:

    • You are committed to raising your child respectfully but sometimes lack the tools or motivation to do this
    • You have a gut instinct that being your child’s friend and ally is right but want more mental clarification around why so that when asked about it you can do justice to your beliefs
    • You sometimes feel like you are a single warrior marching along the right path for you – but you feel quite alone, without a team of cheerleaders
    • You get the theory of respectful parenting but often end the day feeling you have not parented the way you want to
    • You have found the early phase of attachment parenting fairly easy but now your child is entering a wilful phase and you feel under-resourced
    • You feel conflict around your desire to give autonomy to your children and maintaining respectful boundaries
    • You want to wield your power wisely but too often feel powerless
    • You want to step boldly into your role as an advocate for children
    • Ally has blown my mind and I understand my children’s behaviour so much better now. We have made tiny adjustments which made a big difference in our family dynamic. I am even applying what I have learned in Ally to my friends and family to be more empathetic and supportive. It is amazing how many things we do daily without realizing the consequences of our actions and the set beliefs we grew up with which shapes a lot of our parenting. Ally has helped me become aware and change these patterns so I can allow my children to flourish into the beautiful people they already are! ”
      Francette, July 2021 Ally participant

The future of a fair and equal society lies in adults using their power to come alongside children in a supportive role.

Learn more about the principles of this kind of parenting and how to apply them to your life in a practical way. Discover how a fresh perspective and response to everything from tantrums to mealtimes can super-charge the connection and cooperation between you and your child, bringing you more joy and a sense of purpose into your home.

This radical course sits at the intersection of parenting and child rights. It is a holistic experience, where you are invited to bring the whole of you to this learning. We come to new understandings via teaching, reflection, meditation and discussion.

Ally involves four 1.5 hour recorded Zoom workshops, downloadable worksheets and an energetic pop-up community on Facebook. Because students from all over the world join this course, usually only around 50% come to the live calls – every one else streams the call later or downloads to watch at their convenience.

Loving this course! The discovery and learning each week, the sharing, the 2 hours to myself each Monday. This is absolutely self care in my mind. I’m really enjoying taking the time to delve into something I believe so wholeheartedly in and being led by hand so to speak. (Can’t thank you enough Lucy.) 
Course Participant February 2020

The online course was so much more than I thought it would be! I love the fact it’s focused on us as parents, in a kind of healing way…
Course Participant February 2020
 I have to say I am already SO happy I decided to take this course. My mind and heart have been blown to bits. 
Course Participant February 2020

Module One –  Ally
A just and beautiful world begins in the home

In our first session together we consider a radical new starting point for parents.

Once we establish this new perspective we are better able to see how our parenting can impact the future of the world, the nurturing of a just and beautiful society. We take a look at some of the evidence for the idea that a peaceful world begins in the home.

In the second half of this module we begin to unpack why as a species we haven’t made the connection between empathetic parenting and social justice, despite all the evidence.

We begin to do the important, empowering work of unpacking our inherited beliefs that prevent us from truly living the way we want to with our children.

Module Two – Guide
Treating our children as though they are visitors from another world

When we redfine the role of parenting we are freed up to consider what it is we really should be doing! In this session we take a look at how we navigate societal norms and holding boundaries with empathy, whilst making room for our children to bloom into who they really are. We work through each developmental stage and their associated needs and rights. We consider how we can practically honour these needs and rights practical, taking a look at common negotiations from mealtimes to clothing and visiting places other than our own homes.

Module Three – Advocate
How can we stand up for our children?

Once we accept the invitation to be allies to our children, we accept that part of that may well be standing up for them. How does this look, both with close family members and society?
In this session we discover how to live in alignment, living authentically and courageously with the parenting decisions and lifestyle we have chosen.

We look at conflict as a doorway to connection, both in terms of our advocacy and in our general parenting life. How do we keep connection alive through struggles and tricky times with our children?

Module Four – Friend 
Are we afraid of a level playing field?

So often parents will exclaim (at least on Facebook!) “I am their PARENT not their friend!” Friendship is technically simply about having mutual affection for one another, but of course, compared to the parent-child dyad, it is a very non-hierarchial relationship. This sense of power-sharing can be terrifying.  In our last session we consider how parents can very practically share their power with their children. We consider the needs and rights we ourselves are trying to have met, making room for inner child healing.

In this session you will understand how this kind of parenting doesn’t have to be depleting, and be given tools to ensure this is a sustainable and mutually fulfilling path.



ALLY - be the guide, advocate and friend your child needs