DISCO CIRCLE For Unferno Participants

3 September, 2020
Especially for Disco Alumni, Circle is a mentorship programme for those who want to deepen into:
  • TRUST: healing your inner child, deconditioning beliefs and activating self-love and joyful expression
  • JOY: more allyship with your children, fired up connection with all family members and a greater acceptance of the present moment.
  • REGENERATION: strengthening your courage muscle so you can walk confidently and advocate for your children and your choices, build life giving community and contribute to the societal shifts that will liberate generations of children to bloom into who they are.

This is a monthly subscription that costs the same as two yoga classes or a daily chocolate bar (both great things! hehe) and for that you will receive support from three experienced mentors and coaches and the cheerleading of a global family – supercharging the intention and alignment in your life without school.

The mindset work done in Circle will help you flourish into authenticity in all parts of your life!

  • Monthly coaching, teaching and goal setting around building regenerative community with unschooling coach Leslie Bray (some of you found our podcast together so helpful!)
  • Support and space holding for neurodiverse families with filmmaker and longtime unschooling parent Jessie Currie
  • Monthly teaching and coaching from unschooling coach and educator Lucy AitkenRead

    What people are saying about the programme:

Lucy’s guidance over the past 6 months has been invaluable. The support has been life changing for both me and my family.

Alicia- Unschooling Mentorship Programme 2020

Thanks to Lucy’s mentorship programme our relationship with our children is continually levelling up. We love the new skills, renewed purpose and fresh inspiration it gives us for our unschooling journey.

Lisa and Victor – Unschooling Mentorship Programme 2020

What can I say, the last few months have been life changing. Thank you Lucy for your kindness, wisdom and positivity. Together we have worked as a group through some truly transformational stuff. It’s hard to put into words because it’s part of an ongoing process. I feel much more relaxed in myself and my relationships with others, and I look forward to continuing to learn!

Alice- Unschooling Mentorship Programme 2020

I have really appreciated the time, energy, enthusiasm and detail Lucy has put into curating this wonderful community. I have felt honoured and guided and love that she is enabling unschooling parents to get their awesome selves together!

Emily- Unschooling Mentorship Programme 2020

Price is listed in USD. And if you want CIRCLE but haven’t done DISCO – fix that here.


Not Back To School Party
Tuesday 8th September 8:30am


Dance Floor – teaching and coaching session
The shape of our worthiness. Setting strong foundations for what we bring to the ecology in our unschooling homes.
Wednesday September 16th – 7:30pm NZT

Dance Floor – teaching and coaching session
Sugar and Screens. Approaching two of the most tense unschooling topics through allyship
Wednesday October 14th  – 7:30pm NZT

Dance Floor – teaching and coaching session
Embodying courage. The nine archetypes of unschooling fears and how to befriend them.
Wednesday November 12th – 7:30pm NZT

Dance Floor – teaching and coaching session
Spouses and Siblings. Tools for activating joy with those under our roofs.
Wednesday December 16th – 7:30pm NZT

I will be sharing Leslie’s dates for the monthly community hour in here ASAP.


DISCO CIRCLE For Unferno Participants

$25.00 per month