Disco Unferno – 6 month group mentoring programme

28 February, 2020

Welcome to Disco Unferno! Six months of follow up mentoring for those who have participated in Disco. This is for those who were particularly helped by having regular, fresh, unschooling inspo but also want more of a coaching element.

I draw from my training and experience in wellbeing coaching to share with you Activation-Tek, a set of adjustments that can move you closer to the life you dream of. This will allow you to keep deepening into your unschooling experience – but is also applicable to the whole rest of your life.

It’s six months of me as your cheerleader, bringing you new stuff to think about and working with you on stuff that comes up for you as your explore this territory. We will be bringing more insight into the Four C’s of unschooling discussed in the last Module, plus two delightful extras,  whilst covering other super practical elements.

This is a value-packed way to help you work through your limits and embody your Self Directed Learning nerve.

All calls will be on Zoom (recorded calls will be sent out straight afterwards) and there will be a Facebook community where you can receive personalised coaching.

Coaching – ourselves as coaches, and the other roles we play.  Introduction to the Calibration-Tek with a focus on Goss -Tek.
Wednesday July 15th 7:30pm NZ

Curiosity – the role of curiosity in our relationships with our children, and our unschooling home, being curious about our children and their specific brain wiring and how to work with that. Focus on the Joy-Tek.
Wednesday August 12th – 7:30pm

Connection- how to practice connection around tricky areas, how to develop habits of communication with our kids so that they want to talk with us and how we foster connection with ourselves and self care. Here we cover screentime. Focus on the Ten-Tek.
Wednesday October 14th  – 7:30pm

Courage – how we grow in courage and can consistently how up to what is asked of us. Nerve-Tek.
Wednesday September 16th – 7:30pm

Confidence in – how we can trust in our children when we are struggling with them and we take an inner Child journey. Focus on the Serve-Tek.
Wednesday November 12th – 7:30pm

Community – why community matters, understanding ourselves in relationship to community and how to practical build communities around Self Directed Learning. Focus on the Tribe-Tek. 
Wednesday December 16th – 7:30pm


Disco Unferno - 6 month group mentoring programme

$25.00 per month for 6 months