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8 July, 2020

Step into the sacred.

This four week long programme is for women who are unsure of their spiritual home, who are hungry for a sense of connection to the mysterious “otherness” of life. Through deep thought and practice women will come to a place where they feel connected to the sacred and have the tools to daily experience the full heartedness of a spiritual life.

Put legs on your belief in the “Something Out There” and let her walk right on in.

Lucy’s course has come at just the right time in my life where I’ve been searching for some sense of greater connection. I feel as though she’s held my hand as I’ve begun this journey of digging deeper into my beliefs and understandings and it’s been a revelation to realise that spirituality can be a very personal thing and can represent what I need it to. I’m so appreciative of the way that Lucy has guided us and I now have some meaningful rituals that I’m bringing into my life.
Kate – DWELL participant

Throughout  August DWELL will provide a spiritual container that will support your fledgling desire for more meaning and depth.

  • You will discover what is stopping you from knowing the sacred in your daily life.
  • You will feel in to the right spiritual path for you.
  • You will understand why you have the urge to connect with the spiritual realm.
  • You will feel an integration, that all the parts of you are welcome and able to be present.
  • You will learn the Eyes, Hands, Knees method to bring a sacred perspective to all your important activities and events.
  • You will connect with other women also seeking to bring the divine into their every day lives.
  • You will feel empowered to bring more life-giving acts, habits and rituals into your daily life.

This course is for women who were raised without a spiritual element in their lives or for those who have left a religious institution but are still yearning for the spiritual.

I invite you to join this beautiful, vulnerable pop up community of seeking sisters. What a journey to be embarking on right now!

The course was like a breath of fresh air for me- crammed full of interesting ideas, knowledge and wisdom about spirituality and life in general. The guided visualisations were deep and grounding. And Lucy makes a BIG topic fun, accessible and practical. I’m left feeling more tuned in and awake to the beauty and aliveness that surrounds me everyday and more committed to my own spiritual journey.
Charlotte – DWELL participant

DWELL is made up of 4 ninety minute live calls that are recorded, a private Facebook group and downloadable worksheets. Calls are recorded and can be streamed or downloaded at your convenience.

Each session is super dynamic and holistic involving teaching, practically exercises and also pausing, reflecting, visualising.

Course Dates:

Module One: Preparing the way
Sunday 9th August 7:30pm NZT (8:30 AM UK)
In our first session do some work on locating ourselves both as a pop-up community of sisters AND on a spectrum of spirituality. We will see where we are, where we want to be. If we want to experience transformation, it’s important to be fully aware of where we are and our aspirations.  We will explore what we even mean by spirituality and finish with setting an intention for ourselves. The spiritual theme of the first session is connection.

Module Two: The seed of faith within you
Sunday 16th August 7:30pm NZT (8:30 AM UK)
In this session we begin to explore some of the things that can get in the way of where we want to be. We  discover the seed of faith already within you and talk about the way that claiming that and beginning to walk in the intention of that perspective can change your day to day life.The spiritual theme of this Sunday is love.

Module Three: Spirituality without religion
Sunday 23rd August 7:30pm NZT (8:30 AM UK)
In week three we  delve into a selection of old, new and ancient theologies, the good and the bad. We start figuring out to expand and create room for your own spirituality to emerge and really take root in your everyday life. The spiritual theme of our third day together is earth.

Module Four: Bring it home
Sunday 30th August 7:30pm NZT (8:30 AM UK)
In our last week we bring together the model of sacredness we’ve been weaving as we look at the role of surrender and its relationship with synchronicity. We explore a whoooole bunch of spiritual acts and habits, their role in the home, and we see how almost anything can be sacred when you apply the feet, arms, knees model! And the spiritual theme of our last day is surrender.

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DWELL - Patreon $1 & $3