Nest – nurturing an Earth-centred spirituality (for Patreons)

23 October, 2019

The Earth invites you into sacred relationship. You’ve heard the call but are hesitant or unsure of where to begin. Or perhaps you feel like you are walking a lonely path.

Many of us who have moved away from institutional religion, or have never experienced a spiritual faith, have a sense that our full aliveness, our wholeness, can be found in nature.

It can! For we were never meant to be an isolated species. We have evolved to be in deep kinship with earth.

This conversational and practical online course will give you the space and motivation to respond to the urge you feel to connect deeply to nature. This course is experiential, empowering you to step into Earth-centredness not just by talking about, but by doing the practice together.

Discover ways to express your interbeing with Earth through deep practice, song, ritual and community. Begin to process barriers to your participation in this sacred relationship and connect with other women who are also discovering what it means to practice and Earth-centred spirituality.

What does this online practicum involve?
Weekly live video calls
A lively Facebook community with prompts, questions and activities
Downloadable worksheets

More about the modules:

Sunday November 10th
Module One – Hearing the invitation.
Hear the invitation from Earth, discover what is getting in the way and orient yourself on the map of connectedness. Feel the authentic call to live as a child of Gaia.

Sunday November 17th
Module Two – Creating Ritual.
Discover the uses of ritual for moving into Earth-centredness.  Experience ritual and feel empowered to bring powerful and homemade rituals into your life and community. Begin to understand more about seasonal rituals and how you can bring them into your life.

Sunday November 24th
Module Three- Honouring the relationship.
Here I will hold space for us to enter into a deep state to work with all of our feelings about the Earth. We will consider how we can continue to honour the full breadth of human emotions as we express our interbeing.

Sunday December 1st
Module Four – Forming Community. 
Identify what forms of Earth-centred community are available to you. Explore how you can bring Earth-centredness in to your exisiting communities.

Sunday 17th December
Optional Module Five- Going Forth. 
Final Q and A. Integrate the wisdom and practice of the  course. Understand your next steps on this journey and come to know your unique expression of Interbeing.

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Testimonies from my other online course on spirituality

“The course was like a breath of fresh air for me- crammed full of interesting ideas, knowledge and wisdom about spirituality and life in general. The guided visualisations were deep and grounding. And Lucy makes a BIG topic fun, accessible and practical. I’m left feeling more tuned in and awake to the beauty and aliveness that surrounds me everyday and more committed to my own spiritual journey.” Charlotte

“Dwelling Place was a thoroughly enjoyable course – thought provoking and inspiring – it has helped me to consolidate the place of spirituality without organised religion in my life. Lucy has a wealth of theoretical knowledge and lived experience that she brings to running the course in her uniquely warm and inclusive way. Highly recommend.”

“I just loved exploring my thoughts, ideas, beliefs via the questions you posed. The questions I have been asking for 50 years have given me so much fruitless angst; the ones you asked me to consider have been so much more productive and enlightening.”

“I was blown away at the amazing content and scope and how much you were meant to run a course just like this and how valuable it was to me right now.”

I am so in love with this course
Everything about it just makes my heart sing
I feel like a tiny intricate seed that is secretly growing underground and is one day going to pop up and see earth in ALL its beauty
Each week I have felt so open like my tiny intricate little seed is expanding”

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