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Homemade Decoupage Bird Ornaments

18 December, 2012

It is true, I do have a thing about birds. And sticking paper onto things (or decoupage as the fancypantsies call it) – so here is my perfect craft, homemade decoupage birds. I made them with our Christmas tree in mind, but depending on the paper you use could be done with any season, person or occasion in mind. birds3

You will need:

Air drying clay

Cookie Cutters

Cool patterned paper

Homemade mod podge

The clay bit

Take some air-dry clay (salt dough could well do, I imagine, too)

Take a cookie cutter (I used my new homemade birdy one) or even just some scissors.

Cut out your shapes out!Air drying clay birds

Poke a hole in the top wear you want to thread them and then leave to dry.

The decoupage bit

Place your shapes onto your chosen paper and draw around it once.

Draw around your outline AGAIN -this time with an extra 1cm border.

Cut around the BORDER shape, so it is about 1cm bigger than your clay item

Cut into it, towards the original pencil park, at 1cm intervals

It will look like it has flaps all around- this makes it super easy to curve your paper around the corners.Decoupage clay birds

Get out your homemade mod podge and brush it onto the inside of your paper, and your clay item.

Pop your clay item onto the inside of your paper – so that the pattern is on the outside of your item-   and use your fingers to curve the flap around the edges of your item.

Turn it over so you can see the patterned item, and push the paper firmly onto the item.

It might take a bit of careful manipulating, until your are happy with it – no air bubbles of papery/ sharp edges. Give the whole thing an extra lick of mod podge.

Re-poke your hole.

It should  be dry in a couple of hours. I gave mine all a lick of resin, to shine them up. You could also use varnish, or leave them matt. DIY Decoupage birds

A whole flock of them now adorn our tiny potted Christmas tree.

*eeek a little physical surge of excitement just came upon me* …


Have you made any Christmas decorations this year? Would love to see them if you have link?