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We’re pregnant!


Three become four

3 October, 2012

We have been rather excited around here for a few weeks- we have had the most wonderful surprise- 2 stripes on a pregnancy test!! Yep – another little person making their presence known.

Welcome! From

We are really quite blown away. It took us a heartbreaking 3 years to make Ramona, so were fully expecting another long wait. And, of course I am still nursing her day and night. So impossible did we think it that a whole 2 months crept by before we  even knew. I had a tiny inkling but kept writing it off, until one day I just knew with absolute certainty  so popped straight to the pharmacy for a test and my folic acid.I am feeling pretty brilliant – I remember being exhausted with Ramona but have come to the conclusion that chasing a toddler around all day (and snuggling her all night) makes you so knackered anyway there isn’t another level of tiredness to reach!

So next spring Ramona will have a little sibling and us another darling to squeeze into our fortunately GARGANTUAN bed. This little  delight, catching us unawares. I love her already with her stealthy but audacious existence!