Sixty Thrifty Ideas for a Shoestring Spring

27 March, 2013

It is astonishingly hard to believe that Easter is upon us, when it feels so very like the depths of winter. Yesterday was so cold that we got the birth pool down from the loft (hugely prematurely!) filled it with hot water and spent the afternoon and evening pretending we were in a spa pool in some snowy mountainous location. Rather than the grimey backstreets of our beloved Peckham.

Still, the experience was lush until Ramona spat her omelette into it and we spent half an hour fishing for bits of egg with the siv. (What kind of parents eat dinner in the birth pool?!) (Very cold ones, that’s who, okay?! Pahaha.)

Ideas for a thrifty Spring

I have been flicking through Becky’s new E-Book “100 Easy Ways to be a Thrifty Family” over the last wee while. This is a woman who has turned over every rock in order to bring the most frugal of tips to humankind.

I love her suggestions for Thrifty Easter Gifts:

Easter eggs seem very good value till you realise quite how many you need to buy. Because they are cheap every Tom, Dick and Mavis will turn up with one for your kids. Their friend’s parents will pop one round and before you know it your back at the shops buying more. Too much chocolate and kids is a messy mix and £1 chocolate eggs can look a bit cheap for grandparents too so here are some other ‘cheep’ but classy gift ideas.

– A crocus in a pot painted by your child will be adored and can cost as little as 99p
– A few sunflower seeds in an envelope with instructions written on and a little pot with
a bag of soil popped inside will also costs very little. You may want to add some carrot
seeds too. Easter is a great time to get kids gardening. This will cost very little and is
great to give one each to a family.
– A small bunch of daffodils tied with red ribbon always touch the heart.
– A hand written spring cleaning note for an older relative saying Happy Easter, for
your gift I will come and spring clean your kitchen. This will cost you nothing but time
but is worth its weight in gold.
– With friends, why not speak up quickly and suggest a pressie amnesty. Maybe
instead the children could exchange a book they have loved with a friend or an egg
they have decorated!”

Awesome, Becky. (Go buy her book for a mere £2.99!)


We had a lot of frugal fun yesterday dyeing eggs. (In fact, that is the reason we had omelettes for tea.) Honestly, who would have thought blowing the insides of eggs out and then watching them turn into magnificent colours could bring such delight? I’ve never done it before but there is something so delicate and transformative about the process.

Here is some eggstra (total, massive collective groan) inspiration – 24 ways to decorate eggs. Yup, that is over 3 egg decorating activities for every day of the holidays.  And a LOT of omelettes.

dying eggs

If eggs aren’t up your street have a look at Cass’s ideas for free seasonal fun – 10 Family Activities for Spring.

Frugal Easter Fancy Dress
So, turns out, Spring Headwear is a Thing. I don’t really recall it being a big deal as a young ‘un, perhaps it is an American influence creeping in. But whatever, I am all about fancy dress. So much so that I am over on the Netmum’s Youtube Channel with THREE (slightly crazy) ideas for Easter Bonnets using odds and ends from around the house. Here is a vintage flapper style bonnet using a doily (obvs)…

Thrifty Decorations
Nothing says spring (and if we say it enough, it might actually happen, yeah) like a house full of daffs. And it needn’t be expensive as you can make them last for a loooong time if you treat them well. Firstly, help them bloom by filling the vase with fairly hot water and popping them by the radiator. In this cold weather you may find they are staying closed until they begin to look a bit manky. So help them bloom with warmth. Once they are bloomed keep them cool, changing the water every couple of days. This way your daffodils will keep over the entire holidays.

For 16 recycled Spring decoration ideas have a peep at my matchingly titled Pinterest Board!

Thrifty Tasks
It is dull, but why not use one hour of your bank holiday morning to do a bit of housekeeping? Check you phone bill – has your tot been buying apps? (Not speaking from experience AT ALL!) Take some time to compare bank accounts- are you happy with the costs and other factors? Tick some of those things off your To Do list that always slip to the bottom, it could save some extra dosh.

Have you got any ideas for a shoestring spring? Would love to hear them!PS I’d hate for you to miss a post… enter your email to get them pinged into your inbox. I won’t be spamalot, promise!

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  • Carolyn 27 March, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    i just returned from a clothes swap party a friend organised… i’d been thinking i’d like a new spring dress … didn’t think I’d bag myself 3 + a maxi skirt for next to nothing. 🙂 Feeling very thrifty with my new (to me) pieces.

  • Jo 29 March, 2013 at 10:25 am

    Easter gifts? Really? Who does that? I was appalled to see a department store catalogue last week advertising children’s toys, not just fluffy bunnies, but portable DVD players in attractive pastels, for Easter gifts. Please give us a celebration that doesn’t involve more consumerist gift-giving. This week we have decorated eggs, and my girls made bunny cup cakes for their friends. There were hot cross buns today, there will be chocolate eggs on Easter morning and THAT WILL BE ALL. Let’s draw a line in the sand and decide that gift-giving at Easter is completely inappropriate (except for the nice list above, which are lovely gifts all the year round..)

    • Lucy 1 April, 2013 at 2:38 pm

      Easter gifts, just in replace of chocolate egg overload I think?
      My myum and I were talking about how much of a “thing” Easter has become compared to when I was growing up. On one hand I agree, having another excuse for a commercial, pressure hewn blown out is ridiculous. On the other hand I think celebrating changing seasons, religious moments and national holidays with home made, crafty decorations and activities is pretty cool! x

      • Jo 3 April, 2013 at 11:27 pm

        Hope I didn’t come across as toooo strident above. I just panicked at the idea of Easter gift giving, having already had little prophetic shivers when I saw the department store flyer… is this the future of Easter? Please no. I do love seasonal craft and traditions with my darling petals (well, actually I love it more when they do the craft, and I sit by with a cup of tea, saying, ‘That’s nice, darling’…). And less chocolate, and more sweet home-made gifts has to be good (but I will take the chocolate and run…).

        • Lucy 4 April, 2013 at 12:29 pm

          Oh not at all, I agree, commercialisation of everything drives me nuts.

  • Molly - Mother's Always Right 2 April, 2013 at 9:00 am

    Lovely ideas. Love the idea to keep daffy looking pretty. They’re right up there with my top favourite flowers!

    • Lucy 2 April, 2013 at 8:45 pm

      Me too, I haven’t had a day without them in my house for over 6 weeks!