An absolute heart stopper!

16 December, 2017

I’m sitting in the library waiting for today’s Youtube to upload. Although we get wifi to the yurt it is slow like a sleepy snail slithering through Lavender Oil so on Youtube days I come into town.

I’ve been meaning to post here, on Lulastic, for days and days but because it’s been a while I feel like I need something deeply momentous to share. And, truth is? I got nuthin. I’ve been spilling my brain into all sorts of corners lately and today it feels like a string of those fairy lights that all hang down in the row, I mean, I guess they’re doing their job, lighting something, but so many loose threads! Jeez.

But then this old fella has pulled a seat up next to me. He just got an iPad and the librarian taught him how to use it. After a little set back “Google. Cars.” “No, CARS. you dipstick” he is now successfully on Google, googling all his favourite things and he is blown. away.

He’s every Granddad rolled into one. “Blimey! *laughs with glee* Goodness Gracious! All sorts on here!”

He’s every person coming across Google for the first time. “Oh, wow. This is incredible! They’ve got pictures of every electric car ever made!”

He’s every person who’s ever had a dream. “It’s showing me how to make my own electric car!”

He tells me he’s new to all this. I kinda got that. But his joy is absolutely infectious.

And I neeeeeed it. I need his infectious joy, especially about the internet! I’ve been feeling so internet-weary lately. I’ve been needing to drag myself to emails, to psyche myself up to do the normal everyday tasks that make up my job.lulastic

It’s true that too much time on social media makes it harder for me to be present. And it’s true that posting lots of really honest stuff makes me feel a little vulnerable or overexposed sometimes. And it’s certainly true that gardening lazily, painting badly and making very average mosaics is all stuff that brings me a different kind of life-fizz.

But, somehow in my head I’ve developed a dichotomy around the internet… about my internet stuff being hard and Must Do and, even maybe even, a little bit preventing my ultimate well-being. And everything off the internet being Virtuous.

Which, obviously, like many dichotomies, is bullsh*t.

The truth is that I need to hold my hands open loosely towards Everything. To let the good stuff settle in deep into my palms and let the life-sapping stuff sift away through my fingers. I need to use the internet to create (hey, my newest ebook all about Moon Circles is coming out in a couple of weeks! Hooray!) and be part of deep community. Not to scroll and answer every single comment I get on all my platforms. (They call that community, but it isn’t necessarily so. I do try and keep up with it, but often it prevents me creating and I need to be  mindful of that.)

I spent the whole of Tuesday just writing my HEAD OFF, on posts and books and the Parent Allies support group and I did a livestream on my Patreon all about parenting, and honestly?  It all Filled My Boots with energy. I felt transcendent afterwards. I was buzzing. Because, actually, the internet is neither good nor bad, it’s what you’re doing with it. Right? I know you know that. We all know that. But we forget and then we spend time doing silly things like checking the news all day to see if nuclear war has broken out.

So. There we go.

I thought I’d let you know some brilliant things going on all around the internet. (See how infectious this gentleman’s joy is?)

1- I made a beautiful calendar for Patreons, with the full moons and new moons and inspirational quotes from all my fave women and they are enjoying it and even sending it to print shops and that is making me so happy.  (Becoming a Patreon is open invite! I’m trying to make it win-win for everyone; you get to support my work and I get to create things for you.)Patreon Lulastic Calendar
2- This lovely, thoughtful post by the amazing Mel Wiggins all about handling the overconsumption and pressures of Christmas. I love Mel’s compassionate vibe, towards the earth, people, her children.

3- This say-it-like-it-is post by the brilliant Happiness is Here – reasons to scrap the naughty list!

4- The Sound of Music on Netflix. So good.

5- The On Being podcasts. They are just basically all wonderful.

6- The Hay House Meditations. I just pick and choose and have come across some absolutely beautiful ones. I listen while I water the garden.

7-  Lots of new stuff on my youtube channel! Just in case you’ve missed anything 😀

8- Some great tables over on Parent Allies, tables of our children’s developmental needs by Robin Grille and they are SO HELPFUL!

9-  There is ALOT of information about electric cars on the internet, my friend would want you to know. In fact, he’s just found ACTUAL VIDEOS of ELECTRIC QUAD BIKES. Being driven through town!

You would not believe it! This is just an absolute heart stopper.”

I hope we all get a little of his astonished glee sprinkled around all of our lives.

Much love and keep radical!

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  • Reply Lucy Green 18 December, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    Can’t tell you how much this post made me smile 🙂

    • Reply Lucy 3 January, 2018 at 12:35 pm

      Thanks Lucy!

  • Reply Sara @ Happiness is here 23 December, 2017 at 12:47 am

    Oh thank you ♥
    Always love reading anything you have to say.

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